Sunday, 13 September 2015

Seagulls and wood piles.

Need a new cupboard door knob, don't buy one, paint it! I had a plain wooden knob which had been the leftover from another project from years ago and we needed a handle for the bathroom cupboard. I went with a seagull not sure why, cos they nick your chips if not careful!!

While I was had a painting urge, I also painted this small canvas with another seagull. Isn't he handsome haha. He has his beady eye on whatever you're eating. so beware!!

Everytime I opened the craft cupboard I was met with a stack of interesting wood cuttings that tumbled out, they had been rescued from the fire. Hubs brings in the wood he has chopped and then I stack it. I'm going to have to stop looking at them before I chuck them into said fire, as my pile was getting rather too big. So have now whittled it down somewhat by making some 'quirky' houses. These were two old paintbrush handles, used as a base, now made into a scenic woodland walk and a coastal stroll!

I love a bit of upcyling!

Little Nikki is looking to update her winter wardrobe with a cowl!

Son Logan is fed up with it all.
He's not sure about the colour and the way his ears have disappeared!

All Logan wants to do is give his dad, Archie a kiss.

See you all next time.

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