Tuesday 18 August 2015

Pansies, shelves and a bear

I do like pansies a lot, but have never been able to grow them (they looked wonderful in the shop but as soon as I re-planted them they took umbrage and died) This year we were drawn in by the vibrant orange ones, big and blowsy and the best bit reduced to 99p for a big tray full, so ever hopeful, they were purchased and planted......guess what they actually grew! First time ever. 

I painted these little watercolours a number of years ago and they were the only ones that didn't die on me. haha. 

 Little blue ones in a blue frame, not the best paintings but there ya go! Might have a go at painting some more sometime.

We have had this box for a while and thought it would make a nice shelf in the kitchen as we don't have space for a dresser. So the inside was painted white and then creased up tissue paper added and painted green, when it was dried I gently dragged a red pastel crayon over the creases to give it a bit of depth (doesn't show up very well in photo tho)
Then some brightly coloured bits and pieces were added and there we have a shelf 'dresser' which fits nicely over the radiator.

Be careful when you go down to the woods, you might find a bear minding his own business. Good thing he is friendly and Nikki thought his head made an excellent lookout post!

OK chums till next time and hopefully not so long in between posts. Bye.

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