Sunday, 26 January 2014

Not a lot going on.

It's been a bit of a downturn in making anything this month. Lots of projects in the works, just not getting down to them!

 For any that like to crochet tho, here is a stunning pattern for a blanket/cushion. I love it as it's a bit different. which is here   How gorgeous is that! It is on my todo list as I have a big bag of wool that could be used. I particularly like the shell stitch, most lovely.

This little doggie was a commissioned piece, worked by my daughter in pastels. The client was very pleased with it. Isn't he a little cutie? (sorry the photo is a bit blurred)

This is what happened to Reggie Rat after Archie thought I'd made him as his new playmate! Chewed ears, loss of limbs, untidy scarf, eyes popping out and worst of all whiskers askew! Still Reg is still smiling. Must not leave things within reach of puppies!

One of the few makes I did manage was this little tartan coat for Archie. Made with an old sponge bathmat sandwiched inbetween a discarded scarf and some nice red material.
This is lightweight, but a nice density to keep the wind out. Although neither dogs like it very windy, which is just as well cos I don't either!!

That's if for now dear readers. Hopefully have something to show next time.

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Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Girl With The Wild Red Hair

You might remember that a couple of posts ago I showed you this photo.
This is the skeleton which was made from aluminium foil, masking tape and half a plastic bottle!

Hmm does this head suit her?!

Her body is completely wrapped in masking tape and she sports a tam o'shanter.

Here she is with a skin of paper clay and her wellies on. She has a toadstool to sit on.

First step of the painting....stripey tights and red boots.

New head and hair and a petticoat.Which to choose a bobble hat or tam O'shanter? Nikki doggy has joined in as well.

All finished and sitting comfortably on her toadstool seat, the tam o'shanter won!

                          Side View
Little feather in the tam o'shanter which is held with a little blue bead.
                      Back view with her flowing locks.

Closer view. She has little beads along the bottom of her linen skirt,her jacket is made from paper clay. You may recognise the little dog, she has been wrestled off Mavis!
The flower was made from aluminium and masking tape and then dipped a few times in acrylic paint until it was the right colour.
She now sits on my daughters mantelpiece who was the original inspiration behind 'The Girl With The Wild Red Hair', as, when she was younger, she permed her very long red hair.

This was a fun project to make and I'm pleased with how she has turned out, now it's given me a bit of a taste to do some more modeling with clay.

Also on the crafty front these two little plants were made. No watering needed, and can be put in the sun or shade and it will never fade or die or attract the greenfly!
The hand embroidered sayings are 'be strong,grow,bloom,flower' and 'how does your garden grow?' Planted in a little milk jug and a baked bean tin, they have 'earth' to finish the effect off.

A most unusual chicken in the hen house!

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