Sunday 17 January 2016

Cosy, stripey blanket

Hi there folks from a rather icy far north. I had to clean out the freezer and as it was bitterly cold outside I just put the food outside! I tell you, all the food froze even some more and came back inside to a nice warm freezer in comparison haha.
The dogs think its excellent fun all the crunching and leaving little footprints in the snow/ice. We have lots of wood so we are nice and cosy and I'm on the last leg of knitting my rather large stripey blanket.
It had to be knitted into three sections as there was so many stitches on the needle. Just knitting the last edging and then I will see whats what. I think it's probably single bed size.

Look at all those ends but as I weaved in as I went along it was just snip, snip and all those ends were gone.

These stripes make your eyes pop open don't they haha.

This is the same pattern used to make a scarf, just right for those dark, winter days. Archie thinks its pretty comfy!


                                                                                                                                                                  Thats all for this week folks, stay warm!

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Saturday 2 January 2016

Knitted Budgie Budgerigars

Let me introduce you to Chips the budgie. He is busy having a swing on his perch and chirping merrily away, whilst admiring the flowers that bedeck his driftwood perch. This is a no mess pet, double clearing up!
 Now, have you ever seen a pink budgie....I've got news for you, Chips has a lady love who is pink, oh yes, indeedy!
This is Trixie, who as you can see, has a flower be-decked perch as well. They have flown off to their new home now and are living happily together with their new owners.

Still on the budgie front. I have started this embroidery, now I'm not sure which way this is going to go, maybe a picture, or maybe part of a cushion. Hmmm decisions, decisions!

We are keeping cosy here as you can see during the winter months when the days seem to be so dark. As usual the doggies hog the best place when its howling a gale outside. Nikki is on guard in case there are some treats going around so she can alert the others!
That's it for now folks, will try to keep the updates a bit more regular.

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