Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Well after the hiccup of yesterday I consoled myself with making some jam!
There were an abundance of blackcurrants this year so enough to last out till next year. Although blackberries have been few and far between, which is a pity as blackberry and apple pie is rather scrummy.

4 jars of blackcurrant and some jars of raspberry/apple and nectrines. Which have a really good flavour but unfortunately as there is so many pips only I can eat them.....oh what a shame that will be really difficult, haha.

If anyone has a good way of getting rid of the pips from raspberries easily, I'm all ears.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


It's a shame that I can't get the colours and depth to come up as nice as the real photo as it has loads of gold bits glittering away. This was enlarged by 50% and with no other jiggery pockery! The gold mount sets of the glittery bits really nicely.

Too me it looks like mountains with fuzzy clouds hovering on the top, or waves with foam splashing over.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Can you figure out what this is?

This is not a painting or a sewing you can't guess what it is tho!

Head Honcho likes to take photos, so with his phone camera he took a snap of this before it disappeared.  It is the frost that was on the car windscreen last winter. Now I bet you wouldn't have thought that!
There is no trick photographing or embellishing with the computer, although it has been  blown up 50%.  5 mins later it had all disappeared! Pretty neat eh...well I think so. The colours are with the sun shining on the frost. Boy was it cold that day.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Yep more monkeys!

                                             Rosie with her smart bracelet which has a butterfly on it.

                                                                    Group Photo.

                                                                  Cheeky Monkey

Well it has been a lovely (if a bit windy) day here today. and, after the rain and chilliness of yesterday was a welcome sight to see the sun. Hope it stays nice for the weekend as would like to go and rummage around in the soil!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A couple of Monkeys

Here are two more monkeys. I am slowly reducing my stash of socks so that's good as the sofa was gradually being pushed further and further out into the room due to the extra bulk! (that's where the socks are stored)

Graham the grey monkey and his little bro. Cutey Pie!

Will be posting more tomorrow.....oh yes I will :0P

Monday, 8 August 2011

Barry the Biker...the return!

My daughter found my lead it was still in my suitcase! I could have sworn that I emptied everything out as well. So back on track with photos.

Have made a few monkeys this week to put into a nearby craft shop. The other ones had nearly sold out so she requested some more.

Here is Barry the Biker
He has a belly button piercing (shudder!) a lot of earhole piercings and jewellery. The back of the waistcoat has a fire painting on the back to match the small one on the front. He's also got a popper in his tail!
Will add a few more monkey photos later in the week.

I am starting to look at fabric for another quilt maybe in a mauve/lilac/green.Not for any particular room but I like the colour combination. This will be a long turn project tho possibly for winter. Got a lovely knitting aran pattern and sourced the wool on line so there is that and also a big (to me) cross stitch project. Have already started do the cross stitch.I have marked it out with water soluble  pen so that might make it a bit quicker than the 3 years it took to do the matching one!!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Lost camera lead

Well, I did have some photos to share but the camera lead can't be found anywhere :0(
I will keep searching but running out of places where it could be so in the meantime I will
show you this picture that was made a little while ago. It's copied from a book and it's meant to
be Greece BUT as I went to Spain thought it looked very much like the houses there. So this is
my Spanish Villa.....with Pedro the cat in the foreground!

It is painted, hand and machine embroidered.
It was difficult taking a picture of it cos of the reflection of the glass. It is brighter than shown and reminds me
of our holidays when I look at it.
(back to looking for lead)