Sunday 25 January 2015

still more little houses.

Hello again chums. Once again it's all about the houses! This small sampler is hand embroidered onto cotton with sweet little colourful houses. The top two houses has even some chickens in the garden! The sun is peeking out over the rooftops. The sun might come out on even the gloomiest of days.

In a nice box frame which finishes it off nicely I think.

                                           And now on my mantelpiece next to the blue house.

The other little house scene is a 'quirky' harbour lights, taken from a song of the same same name. The words along the bottom are from the song, which first came out in the 1930,s I believe.
I have since corrected the spelling mistake! The song is about a chap that went away to sea and left his sweetheart on the shore. I do hope he came back to her!

My daughter is doing a painting of all our family dogs together (of which there are 4) It will be going in pride of place of the mantelpiece so I hope to show it to you all next time, along with something that isn't a house that I've been making, so watch this space!! lol

We are all longing for spring and warmer weather, including Archie. He can't wait to get his shades back on and do some sunbathing!

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Friday 2 January 2015

Bits and Pieces

Where did last year vanish to, over far to quick for my liking! Now we are in the depths of winter, but on the bright side, days are getting just a touch longer! We didn't get any snow when other's down the country did, what we had was a thick frost and cemented on ice, which was extremely slippy. Even taking the dogs on their favourite walks on pebble tracks was dodgy....dogs loved it tho.

At the moment I have a number of vintage toys on ebay here is the link if you want a peek.

I'm also on which is a new site recently opened. You can go though this link if you like www.tsu/quirkyhousesYou have to register to see whats going on. It is similar to facebook.

On the crafting front this is one of the things I have been up to. Now gone to it's new home. A little snow scene with Sid the Snowman waiting for someone to come out and play!

The bottom picture is a more true to colour. Can you see the lights are on....a roaring fire, crumpets toasted!
                                                Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!! But only if I'm inside next to the fire!!

Of all the laps little Logan could sleep on, he chooses this most uncomfortable looking position. haha

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