Sunday, 21 June 2015

Shabby coat hangers and doggy biscuits.

Last week I was making some coat/key hangers from some wood I found in the shed. This one has a trompe l'oeil key hole with an old key insert, to hang our keys on! I hand painted the ribbon and leaves and the flowers are decoupaged.

Three more with vintage hooks. Decoupaged flowers and painted ribbon.

                                   The shabby chic look with a vintage little lace and cotton dress.

This blue robe/towel hanger is for my daughter who wanted one for her bathroom. In her favourite colour. The wood is a piece of cut down shelf and painted white and then decoupaged and 3 hooks added and 2 screw fixings added either side.  She is delighted with it, phew!

Archie has been busy as well.....making healthy doggy biscuits! Him and his mates think they are rather scrummy. They are made with peanut butter, carrot, apple, egg and porridge oats and then baked. They last for quite a while in a air tight jar, no actual measurments, just a bung it together recipe!
                                                    Haha, the label goes on the jar Archie!

                                                    That's better!!

If there was some added sugar they would be quite nice for humans!! Anyway they are all gone now, need another jar full so he can share with his chums.

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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Table and hedgehogs

Gosh, I blinked and here we are already into June. Don't know what the weather is where you are but up here in our little corner of Scotland it has been pretty abysmal. Good to have something to do inside while waiting for the sun to come out!

This little table was found by my DH on the local tip. Was in good condition but rather boring. So out came the paintbrushes to give it a makeover.

And here it is transformed. It has some raised flowers on the top and the bottom shelf and so they were painted a pale shade of lilac and pale green stems/leaves.  Then I glued a matching square piece of wallpaper to the top to cover the square of  slightly disfigured wood. I think it looks really smart now and makes a nice plant pot table. Total cost £ kind of money! haha

Peek-a-boo here is a little hedgehog coming to say hello. He was needle felted by one of my daughters. Isn't he just the cutest?

Saying hello to one of the hares and passing the time of day together. Slugs and give me a cup of tea and a cake anytime! haha

Archie is not too sure about this little doggie!! He prefers real dogs to play with and not stuffed ones. Archies not been fooled at all by this interloper who has now gone off to a good home.

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