Sunday 22 September 2013

Have Bike will travel!

Mavis has her bike at long last so she can now cycle to the shops with Nikki who is rather precariously balanced on the back!
He is still waiting for a basket to sit in for the front of the bicycle.
Whhheeeee...mind out the way, no brakes haha.

Here are the three Mavis's together. One watercolour (which is a bit faint due to the lighting) One redwork embroidery and one 3-d dolly. I had a lot of fun putting them all together. I have to admit I didn't make the bike, it was purchased in Wilkinsons (my new favourite shop which unfortunately we don't have up here in our corner of Scotland so I only get to visit when I'm away from home).

Closer view of the redwork......

and the painting....

Here is a sneek peek at something different I'm working on.....
More will be revealed at a later date if all goes well.

Here is Wee Archie (name change from Teddy) inspecting the grass that Nikki recommended
He can't believe how soft it is and how you can dig holes in it/eat it/roll on it/jump and run on it and thinks that it should be in the house instead of a carpet!

Nikki wholeheartedly agrees as she keeps stepping in little puddles and unmentionables and knows she didn't do that when she was a pup as she always did it on the big grass thing outside.  She is a big girl now and here she is proudly posing with her certificates and rosettes when she was younger.

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Sunday 8 September 2013

Scrappy heart cushion and a new addition to the family.

Ever wondered what to do with all those small bits of left over fabric? So did I, until I hit on the idea of making these.....

 Lots of little bits of leftovers from other projects, not big enough to do a scrappy quilt (or rather too much like hard work!)  but big enough for this project.  Carefully cut and then pieced together and placed  on iron-on vilene to hold them together, before they were sew onto the backing fabric making some hearts, which then turned into this....
yep, another cushion cover! I initially was going to hand embroider around the hearts, but, why have an embroidery machine if you don't use it, and, which will get the job done in a fraction of the time!

Yet another one to add my growing collection! The background fabric is calico squares that were also odds and ends of left overs.

Now for something completely different.....a little addition to our family.....Teddy.
He is a little Yorkshire Terrier, so friendly and cuddly. Nikki is getting used to not being the only child!
Not to be outdone here she is in her go-bag (we don't really carry her about, it just has all the doggie paraphernalia for when we are out and about)
Nikki's thoughts;
anything you can sit in, I can sit in better......hang on this is a blue bag, I'm a girl, I want a pink (or red) one. Hmmm... if I get that little squirt to dirty it up a bit maybe muv will make me a bag more in keeping with my status......or.... I could look in the doggie catalogue for a super duper, shiny one.
And while I'm thinking, what about the cheek of him chewing my toys (disgusting) and my sticks there wont be any left at this rate, still if there is a wet puddle on the floor he will get the blame (now there's a plan, although I am rather a lady now, and, why do it inside when there is a great big piece of green stuff outside) Muv reckons she has lost a couple of 1b's chasing around after him, she should be pleased as she's always moaning she needs to lose a bit around the tummy!
I guess he is kinda cute so he will probably be a keeper.....and it is more fun with two of you chasing a ball. Hey, I can hear the chink of my dinner bowl (which IS pink) best get there before squirt does.......laters....

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