Sunday 29 November 2015

Winter doggy coats

After the very mild autumn we have just had, it has turned very nippy and today there is a sprinkling of snow on the ground. The sky is a rather heavy grey so I wonder if there is some more to come down......better than rain anyway (which we have had enough of) So on that note, and, as it gets rather chilly in the wee hours of the morning, thought that Bobby needs a few coats to keep the chill off.

This month I have been mostly making winter warmers for the two dogs, Bobby and Archie. Here is Bobby in his first pair of winter pyjamas. Nice and cosy and you can see he has grown a bit since my last posting.

He does love bones!! This one is made from the back of an old sweater and lined with a piece of bright blue cotton.

                        Small dog with a BIG heart! Knitted with an aran mixed yarn.

                             Sorry Archie is just wont fit no matter how tight you want to fasten it lol!!

On a different note, here is a super small house, perched on top of a cotton reel. There is smoke coming from the chimney so someone is at home. 'Home is where the heart is'

Thats all folks till next time.....with some more doggy coats!

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Saturday 31 October 2015

Jolly winter scarfs

Well, Oct sped past extra fast and no blogging! Oh dear, and this is why.....

Little Bobby has joined our family. He is a chihuahua with a sprinkle of Jack Russel. Isn't he just the cutest little thing? So he has been taking up a lot of my time just now as you can imagine! But before he arrived I did knit this doggy scarf for when we go out and about doggy walking in winter weather.

I added some googly eyes just for fun and a little red collar. The edging is a two row lacy crochet edge.

And here is Archie trying it on for size, cos you never know when he might need a neck warmer! He looks nice and snug. (although you can see the sun out in full force haha)

 While I was thinking of winter and maybe snow, this is another one that I knitted up. Multi coloured stripes so nice and cheerful for dark days. My wool stash is very slowly going down as I'm also still knitting a multi coloured blanket out of my woolly bits and bobs.

Archie thinks its a rug for him to sit on.
Until next time, happy crafting.

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Sunday 13 September 2015

Seagulls and wood piles.

Need a new cupboard door knob, don't buy one, paint it! I had a plain wooden knob which had been the leftover from another project from years ago and we needed a handle for the bathroom cupboard. I went with a seagull not sure why, cos they nick your chips if not careful!!

While I was had a painting urge, I also painted this small canvas with another seagull. Isn't he handsome haha. He has his beady eye on whatever you're eating. so beware!!

Everytime I opened the craft cupboard I was met with a stack of interesting wood cuttings that tumbled out, they had been rescued from the fire. Hubs brings in the wood he has chopped and then I stack it. I'm going to have to stop looking at them before I chuck them into said fire, as my pile was getting rather too big. So have now whittled it down somewhat by making some 'quirky' houses. These were two old paintbrush handles, used as a base, now made into a scenic woodland walk and a coastal stroll!

I love a bit of upcyling!

Little Nikki is looking to update her winter wardrobe with a cowl!

Son Logan is fed up with it all.
He's not sure about the colour and the way his ears have disappeared!

All Logan wants to do is give his dad, Archie a kiss.

See you all next time.

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Tuesday 18 August 2015

Pansies, shelves and a bear

I do like pansies a lot, but have never been able to grow them (they looked wonderful in the shop but as soon as I re-planted them they took umbrage and died) This year we were drawn in by the vibrant orange ones, big and blowsy and the best bit reduced to 99p for a big tray full, so ever hopeful, they were purchased and planted......guess what they actually grew! First time ever. 

I painted these little watercolours a number of years ago and they were the only ones that didn't die on me. haha. 

 Little blue ones in a blue frame, not the best paintings but there ya go! Might have a go at painting some more sometime.

We have had this box for a while and thought it would make a nice shelf in the kitchen as we don't have space for a dresser. So the inside was painted white and then creased up tissue paper added and painted green, when it was dried I gently dragged a red pastel crayon over the creases to give it a bit of depth (doesn't show up very well in photo tho)
Then some brightly coloured bits and pieces were added and there we have a shelf 'dresser' which fits nicely over the radiator.

Be careful when you go down to the woods, you might find a bear minding his own business. Good thing he is friendly and Nikki thought his head made an excellent lookout post!

OK chums till next time and hopefully not so long in between posts. Bye.

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Saturday 4 July 2015

Colin the Crow

This funny shaped piece of wood was destined for the wood burner. Just as I was going to throw it in I had an epiphany....that looks like a birds head and yes it was, cos it turned into Colin the Crow!!
                                                     He can't see yet.......

                                                      Eye, eye

                                                          Here he is in his box.

The background is crumpled tissue, painted a gorgeous blue and then the creases gently rubbed with a red oil pastel. His feathers are some black paper cut into the shape of feathers and stuck on one by one. He is not quite finished yet but he looks quite comfy looking at me with his beady eye!

                                          Archie thinks he's more handsome than Colin....which of course he is!

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Sunday 21 June 2015

Shabby coat hangers and doggy biscuits.

Last week I was making some coat/key hangers from some wood I found in the shed. This one has a trompe l'oeil key hole with an old key insert, to hang our keys on! I hand painted the ribbon and leaves and the flowers are decoupaged.

Three more with vintage hooks. Decoupaged flowers and painted ribbon.

                                   The shabby chic look with a vintage little lace and cotton dress.

This blue robe/towel hanger is for my daughter who wanted one for her bathroom. In her favourite colour. The wood is a piece of cut down shelf and painted white and then decoupaged and 3 hooks added and 2 screw fixings added either side.  She is delighted with it, phew!

Archie has been busy as well.....making healthy doggy biscuits! Him and his mates think they are rather scrummy. They are made with peanut butter, carrot, apple, egg and porridge oats and then baked. They last for quite a while in a air tight jar, no actual measurments, just a bung it together recipe!
                                                    Haha, the label goes on the jar Archie!

                                                    That's better!!

If there was some added sugar they would be quite nice for humans!! Anyway they are all gone now, need another jar full so he can share with his chums.

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Saturday 6 June 2015

Table and hedgehogs

Gosh, I blinked and here we are already into June. Don't know what the weather is where you are but up here in our little corner of Scotland it has been pretty abysmal. Good to have something to do inside while waiting for the sun to come out!

This little table was found by my DH on the local tip. Was in good condition but rather boring. So out came the paintbrushes to give it a makeover.

And here it is transformed. It has some raised flowers on the top and the bottom shelf and so they were painted a pale shade of lilac and pale green stems/leaves.  Then I glued a matching square piece of wallpaper to the top to cover the square of  slightly disfigured wood. I think it looks really smart now and makes a nice plant pot table. Total cost £ kind of money! haha

Peek-a-boo here is a little hedgehog coming to say hello. He was needle felted by one of my daughters. Isn't he just the cutest?

Saying hello to one of the hares and passing the time of day together. Slugs and give me a cup of tea and a cake anytime! haha

Archie is not too sure about this little doggie!! He prefers real dogs to play with and not stuffed ones. Archies not been fooled at all by this interloper who has now gone off to a good home.

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Sunday 10 May 2015

Cedric the Owl

I had this snazzy bin in the bedroom for about 8 years and it has now given up and has a huge rip and no longer fit for purpose. I do have a selection of tablecloths in my stash and wanted to use one. This is what I came up with a new cover, practical and pretty, win, win!

Was easier to do than I thought apart from the top bit which was a bit of a pain fixing, covered up the glue joins with a nice piece of fancy lace. Hopefully this will last as long as the other one did. (I have put a plastic bag in half way down)

While the sewing machine was out I also made this pretty, lacy heart. Which has a type written 'I love you' and 'The key to my heart' Simple but very effective.

           Twit Twooo.....  How about this lovely needle felted owlet. (I call him Cedric)  Made by my daughter and is now for sale. Please message me if interested.   He looks just the part and is ready to fly off.
               Here he is making friends with the two bookend owls. Just can't have too many owls in your life whatever shape or size!

Off on a walk and into the rush hour traffic! We did see a tractor in a field, but it didn't seem to be rushing off anywhere! See you next time.

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Sunday 26 April 2015

Blue tits finally framed.

After humming and harring on what background to use for the 3 embroidered blue tits picture. I initially chose a painted blue background, but after leaving it for a day thought it was too bold/bright for the birdies.
As I had a piece of wallpaper which is a more neutral colour and lets the birds be the thing you see and not the background!
Here they are hanging next to our little dresser, which started life as a place to display our jugs, but now other bits and bobs have managed to squeeze in!

Still on a birdie theme.....we needed a couple of bookends and found a couple of rocks that were similar in size to make a matching pair of owlets.

                                                     Starting to see little faces appearing.

                                                            Both doing a very good job of holding the books upright.

They had a short flight outside and decided that if ever they are going to be outside birds this is going to be their new nest. But for now they think the warm and dry table is the best place to be!

Their mum came to see they had settled in well before flying off and making her home on top of the front wall.

Out for a walk in the middle of rush hour.....mind the traffic Archie!!

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