Thursday, 28 July 2011


I can't remember if I have posted this painting before (sorry if I have) I had a piece of old scrap hardboard which was about picture size and straightened the edges,  using the smooth size to paint this rooster which I copied from a book. Was stuck with the brown feathers until I accidently just pressed the brush down to hard and lo and behold a feather!! So that bit was done in double quick time. The outer edges I put some burnt umber on and then wiped it quickly off so it just gives a stain. It has a coat of satin varnish over it as it's not behind glass and with a piece of stiff cardboard on the back with a bit of string. It has been hanging in the kitchen for a good few years now I would like to do a hen to go with it but one of these days......!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Back again

Here I am back....but nothing to show you just yet! I have started on the big cross stitch flower picture. I have started with the background first this time around, which, although boring, at least I can keep an eye on the TV at the same time!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Some photos

As I'm going to be away from my computer for a while here is some of my favourite photos that you might like to see while I'm gone.

My made over bookcase which used to be a mahogony brown and now houses my craft items and books. It's amazing how much you can squash into it. Best thing of all it was free as it was being thrown out!


Large 'Quirky Village' picture

Well that's all folks for a wee while see ya later.

Monday, 11 July 2011

If in doubt don't mess about!

anyway I watercoloured some pansies but was unhappy with the format and so started to mess about...big mistake!!
Firstly I cut around the picture and then machined it to some wallpaper and a piece of fabric to get a 3d effect. In real life I have to say it looks pretty rough and I wished I'd left well alone. Sometimes it's best to leave something your not happy with and go back months/years after and often it is better for leaving and it's seen with new eyes.  (the photo does it more justice than it deserves)!
Or maybe I will put this away for sometime and maybe see it with new there's a thought :0D

Friday, 8 July 2011

Another cushion....maybe!

This was started last winter. I had a clear idea in my head how it should be, but of course it didn't turn out that way! Not sure where I'm going to go with it either. Some of it has already been stitched down and the rest I'm still playing with. Maybe when all the flowers are done, to machine stitch the white bits that are on show so it has a quilty look. But this time to put a bit of layering inbetween the fabric so that it's more puffy.

 I keep going back to it and tweeking but at the mo the garden is still pulling me outside.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

finished cushion

Finished the cushion for my bed. Think it looks a bit lonely! I have 3/4 more to go.

Not too sure whether there is too much gingham going on, maybe it would look better with some sashing to break it up a bit.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Start of cushion

Thought I would have a break from the garden for a couple of hours to start on this cushion which has been sitting on the sewing machine for a while. It's to match the quilt that I made recently, so I hope that it comes together OK.
 The little houses are hand sewn, something that I enjoy doing as you can watch TV at same time!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hmmm not quite right.

Well my little  crafting buddies here is something that didn't go to plan!
This was going to be a cushion cover to put on my bed. The red is handstitched on doubled over material.
What looks like lots of creases is my attempt at free stitching on the sewing machine!
I think where I went wrong is that it should have some wadding inbetween the material so that it's more puffy (IYSWIM) and maybe the stitching would have stood out better. The thing is I really enjoyed doing the free stitching so was really disappointed that it is a flop! It's going to be put away for the winter where I will have more time to hum and ha over it and see if it can be salvaged.

I recently won these mags on a giveaway. How nice was that. They are from The Balancing Kiwi who's blog I frequent.  It was nice to sit down with a cuppa and have a browse and see what others are upto in the sewing world and how cute is that puffin. So thanks again for them.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Garden pictures

I can't believe how quickly this month has shot by and I havn't blogged for a while but while I have been in the garden I lost my crafty mojo. But gardening is kind of crafting don't you think?

 If your not a fan of dirt and green stuff look away now!
This is one of the vegetable gardens with carrots, onions. There is a few parsnips, lettuce and cauliflower residing in there as well, but I wanted to see where they grow the best so have a few dotted around the place (even in the flower garden).

This is going to be the fruit garden. The bushes at the back is just part of the blackcurrants that we have in abundance. They have fruited exactly 1 month earlier than usual which is strange and there is absolutely loads of them.

 This is the next bit of the veggie patch. There will be 4 parts all together in a row.

Work gets in the way of finishing the poly tunnel so all the toms/peppers etc are all squashed up in the porch but they seem to be thriving.  It's the first time that we have had some strawberries which havn't been munched by birds/slugs and that's because we bought a cold frame from Llidls and they fit snuggly in there for the moment. We are really impressed with it, went back for another one and they'd sold out.

 This photo was taken from the bottom of the field, looking up towards all the activity.  Head Honcho (Hubs) didnt get around to mowing it before it grew really long so we got hay. The neighbour was delighted to get it for his horse. I told hubs not to let it get like that again cos it was such hard work raking it up!  All we needed was some cider and ploughman's lunch and it would look like a picture from the early farming days!! Head Honcho has planted quite a few trees in the field which are coming along nicely.

 The bubbling brook at the bottom of the field. Don't be deceived by the small stream it turns into a raging torrent in the right conditions.

Part of our little flower garden around the front which is a lovely sun trap and a nice spot to sit with an ice cream.
Well I hope you enjoyed the mini tour around our little cottage garden and perhaps I will show you a craft made inside before too long.....but while the weather is nice you know where I will be :0)