Monday 10 December 2018

2 girls and 2 dogs

Following on from my last post, there are a couple more gals in the making. I do have fun making these little girlies and they all come out differently with their own personalities.

The first one is Molly who is walking her rescue greyhound Greg. As the weather is turning colder Greg has a super posh coat on to keep him warm. Molly is carrying a big bag of bones in her fancy bag.

Next up, here is Janet with her puppy dog Doris the dalmation. Janet is also wearing shiny red wellies and is carrying her umbrella so is prepared for future rain/snow!

Janet is wearing a bonkers hat which she made for herself with a matching scarf.  I wouldn't mind a set like that as well!  None of the girls go out without their red nail polish on. Doris has a nice red collar.

They often meet up and go on dog walks together. Greg and Doris are best friends and have a lovely time chasing each other.

My 3 dogs also have lots of mates around to chase and play together as well. Such a variety of different breeds, big and little and those inbetween!