Thursday, 24 November 2016

Little houses and cockatiel catchup

There has been an echo in here for quite a few months. Oh dear! Still here I am with some updated makes.
First of all I had a rummage in the wood pile again, much to  Head Honcho's displeasure as it's located in his shed/garage and he is always afraid that I will stray of the beaten path and go rummaging around his shelves and disturbing his dust!

Even a little shoe brush didn't escape my attention and had a little house popped on top.

I havn't done too much on the knitting front at all. This used to be my all time love (along with embroidery) now it gets picked up very rarely. Oh well, what is a girl to do with so many other crafty things to try out. Here is a little knitted cockatiel that I made and he is happily swinging on his branch, cheeping to himself.

Isn't he just the cutest with his little topknot of 'feathers' and rosy cheeks.

The boys (Bobby and Archie) are still happy and cheerful this is them in the spring time admiring the flowers.

I will try and get posting again but certainly can't promise anything but if you are interested in following my craft work, I'm over on Facebook at Quirky Houses and hopefully I will 'see' you over there.

Linky parties are at chicken-chick blog and .sumoftheirstories.