Sunday 22 March 2015

Embroidered birdies

Hello again chummies, these last few weeks I've been doing some embroideries. Here is the finished robin that I showed half done last time.
All fluffed up against the cold! You can see how small he is. Worked on a piece of vintage tea towel as a practise piece.

.....and here is his little friend happily sitting on his branch. Appliqued flowers, one of which is a heart. You might recognise that these are Trish Burr's bird designs and I have tweeked them with longer branches to fit in the appliqued flowers.

Also worked with one thread of dmc floss onto a vintage table mat. So sweet.

This little birdie has some eggs to hatch and she's pretty happy about that! Does this mean spring is here I do hope so! She has chosen a pretty branch with flowers to make her nest in.

Last but no means least is a sweet little blue tit. All fluffy and cute. This was also a practise piece worked onto a vintage towel with added flowers.

In a little frame, which I have since broken and had to glue back together, then the back holders snapped off! Still if no one touches it, it's quite safe!! I am repeating the design on another little table mat. He is just too cute for words! This needle painting is very theraputic and also rather addictive I have to say. Might never be as good as Trish but I will enjoy the journey for sure.

For those that like me posting the doggie pictures. Here is there latest escapade. Riding on a tractor getting some practise in for the plowing the field competition. Nicky driving, Logan looking out for bumps and barking directions and Archie directing from behind. (back seat driver!)

This group is for hire for planting spuds/carrots/wheat. haha

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Saturday 7 March 2015

Felty pictures

My daughter felted this little robin for me on some wool fabric and then I added some needlework.
Now what shall it be, a nice big brooch for a scarf?

Nope, found a box frame upstairs that just fitted and with an added label which says European robin in Latin (I did alter the label slightly after I took the photo) it makes a nice little picture.

Everybody squash up, and make room for little Robin Redbreast on the mantelpiece, which is getting rather crowded!  We have a nest in the honeysuckle in our back garden which comes to life in spring time with a family of robins, so sweet. There is also a robin that lives out the front somewhere, but never the twain shall meet, cos although they are so cute looking, boy do they hammer each other given the chance!

Now how cute is this, just too cute for words!! Eldest daughter, who needle felted the German Shepherd in my last blog, made this for her sister. Yes, needle felting again. How clever of her. Her facebook page is Amanda.C art, she has also done a pug portrait, which is on her page. Commissions welcome.

Here is a peek at some needlework I have been stitching, more about that next time.

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