Sunday 30 October 2011

knitted blanket

Whilst I was away the other week, this is another crafty thing that I started. I had bought the book
'200 knitted Blocks' by Jan Eaton. Inspired by these squares I made about 20 inbetween visiting/shops & etc. There are easy blocks and some for the more advanced knitter. I did make some of my own patterns up as well so it's is a right mixed bunch of patterns. The wool is just cheapo acrylic from QD I think. But I love the colours which are apple green and raspberry red.

I have a long way to go as I should imagine that at least 100 + are needed to make a good size blanket to snuggle into when it's really cold. Can you line it with a cotton backing tho to make it neat at the back? Well I will cross that line when I get to it, plenty of knitting to do yet!

Although the books title says 200 blocks there isn't 200 different patterns but different colourways are included. (I did know this as the reviews were very helpful) but nevertheless I thought it is a nice little book.

200 knitted blocks

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Felt mat

You may remember this
Putting a toe into felt making, then came to a standstill and it was put to oneside for a year.
But it has come out of the dark drawer and I had a play around and did some freehand embroidery on my Tesco sewing machine. It has been hammered that machine and can't believe it's still going strong. (I have blown a few up in the past including a Bernina!)
 First of all I went around all the hearts in matching thread. Then freehand with blue thread on the green and green thread on the blue. Afterwards with a darker blue thread went around and around the hearts to make them stand out. The actual felt is quite thick, I think I didn't roll it enough to get a thinner fabric. Somebody did suggest making it into a notebook cover but it would have been to thick and is not pliable. (thanks for that I did take it on board)
My camera will not pick up the red's properly as it's not as pink as shown but more red.

                       Close up                             
Finished mat. The binding and back is a very zingy lime green and looks fab with the other colours. (Showing more of an apple green here).
There is now a vase a flowers on top of it on the windowsill. Shall I do some more felt making? Well ya never know as I still have some bits left watch this space!
p.s. You can see the colour difference in  the various photos, that's my camera for you, sometimes OK and other times grrrr. The nearest colours to the real thing is the second photo down.

Monday 17 October 2011

Monkey Cards

I think I mentioned before that I very rarely do cards. (I am in awe of all those card makers out there, they come up with such brilliant designs) Anyway being as I'm a monkey fan, (as you might have gathered!) couldn't resist these little critters. Now what to do with them? On my blog hops I stumbled on 'It's all fiddle fart' and her amazing cards. And so took inspiration from there and come up with these. Really pleased with how they come out and they can be used for all sorts of occasions. The poorly one says inside 'hang in there'. Out of the package I got 8 cards in total so was extremely pleased.

 I had some googly eyes in my stash so copied Fiddle Farts idea on adding them to give a more 3D look.

 I added the branches for them to swing on and the sentiments and I think they look pretty OK!

The insides have I left blank so that whatever the occasion I have a card for it!!

Sunday 16 October 2011

Found lead & here is Trevor

I honestly did search the suitcase three times and the lead wasn't in it. But before putting it up in the loft (until our next adventure)  Head Honcho found it in one of the little zippy compartments. Can't understand that, must be loosing my marbles a bit quicker than I thought!

So here is one thing I created whilst whiling the time away in Travel Lodge inbetween travels. He is called Trevor the Travel bug. (was going to call him Trevor the Travel Lodge Bug but thought might get into trouble with them...,insinuating their rooms aren't upto scratch :0D )

Now this is was inspired by the MSE knitting thread and the very clever Orkneystar showed a little kiwi bird she had knitted from a pattern (oops sorry I cant remember off hand who originally created it, if I do will insert so can give credit) Now Orkney can knit on 4 needles but I have never done that but thought good opportunity to have a go in hotel. Packed the required 4 needles then couldn't understand why I couldn't get past the first casting on row of 4 stitches! So gave up on that and did with 2 needles and winged it so needless to say it took a life on of it's own and because the head was mishapen somewhat and as he was a tad chilly, I kindly knitted him a hat and scarf.

Then of course he looked a bit funny without any arms (the pattern didnt have any but that's when it's done properly and looks great) so he got some flippers, couldn't do the feet properly so he got some flipper feet as well!! Yes, he has got one eye bit bigger than the other! The beak has been chopped of instead of the long elegant one he should have had. When he was finished I realised what I had done wrong in the first place.....I didn't use double ended needles, how daft am I.  (you needn't answer that)

Anyway he makes me smile and is looking down at me from the mantelpiece reminding me of Travel Lodge and the deep south....(and lots of shops!)
Here he is tucked up in the caravan that we later transferred to. So really he is a very, very, very distant cousin of the original! And he does look like a bug which you would see under a microscope rather than a kiwi bird :0D

Edit to add here is the REAL thing;

Friday 14 October 2011

Back home

Hello fellow bloggers, back again from deep down south!
Once more my camera lead has gone missing so cant post any photos (don't worry they arn't loads of my holiday ones!!)
So will get upto date when I find said lead.

Saturday 1 October 2011


I had a brain storm last year and had a go at felt making. This is my first and only project. The hearts are  more reddy pink than pink pink if you see what I mean! It's a bit thick so maybe it wasn't rolled enough in hot water. Havn't the foggiest idea what to do with it at the moment. Will have a go doing some free hand embroidery on the top and see what that turns out like.
 This will be a last post for a little while as going awol and not attached to a computer.....sigh. Never mind am taking plenty of crafty projects and you never know might have something to show when I get re-attached!