Friday 12 December 2014

Village in a drawer

Brrr and Brrrr again. Turned bitterly cold and very windy, although we havn't had this 'weather bomb' that was coming our way. (is it the media that makes up these names to get our attention?) even the electric stayed on. Just nipping out to the hen house was trauma enough!

As the dark nights have turned into dark days my photos are even worse than usual and the colours of the little houses are a bit more vibrant than the photo.
Can you see my little cottage hiding in there somewhere, see if you can find it! I made some little trees to add to the village scene. The houses on the top have smoke coming out of the chimneys, nice cosy fire inside just right for these winter days.

Mr. Poslethwaite has landed and spreading hearts which are in his basket. His warm enough in his hat and scarf! (he is made from a polystyrene ball and then covered in paper clay and bamboo legs.

This was a very quick make. Butterflies cut out from some wallpaper, one slightly bigger than the other, bottom one stuck down and the top one with a touch of glue along it's body and in a cheapo box! For my daughter as a 'moving in to her new home' pessie.

                               A 3-D effect and cost was nothing as I already had the frame.

Think it will be some time before we see any sun and hang out with friends in the garden. The sunglasses and tanning lotion have been safetly put away for next year.....sigh....oooh wonder if there will be snowball fights and building snowmen, now that sounds fun!

See you next time. This weeks linky parties are;