Sunday, 29 July 2012

Gardening shoes a pile of stones and a white cushion.

I seem to have lost my craft mojo. Hopefully it will return with renewed vigour sometime. My time has been taken up with keeping weeds at bay so maybe that's the reason.

Anyway enough of the moans and on to this, which you might remember I posted about a while ago now. It is hand backstitched in red, with white machine freestyle embroidery and I wasn't very impressed with how it turned out, also I didn't know what to do with it at the it got shoved in the drawer and forgotten about.
As I was rummaging for something else, I found it tucked in the  drawer and made this cushion......
Which is now sitting on my bed......
Hmmm don't know why I photographed it like that! Anyway it has got a new lease of life and looks nice and fresh to go with my big pillows, and suits the quilt as well.

I received a present from daughter who went to the 'big city' and bought me these garden shoes.
 She knows me so well! Arn't they pretty, just right for slipping on when you want to step outside. (the only downside is they do smell of plasticy stuff, but outside you can't smell anything) Lovely roses of all shades of red through to pink. The black label on the side of the shoe says 'garden'. They will get a lot of wear!

Now into the garden. And we have these enormous boulders that HH wanted moving. He was going to give them to a pal but I said hang on I might have an idea what to do with them after they've gone!! Immediately a plan formed and I said 'we have the solar power fountain and a huge granite flower pot, if we sit the pot on top of the stones, we could have a nice fountain display'.

Famous last words they were sooooo heavy, even with the trolley. So now waiting for some sons to come and we can pounce on them to help shift them into the right place!
They are as tall as my wellies to give you some idea of scale.
 The trouble with them being so heavy you can't 'tweak' them into position. So have to make sure they are where you want them and that's where they would have to stay. Hoping that the 'plan' works out how it's in my head, which is a gorgeous fountain spray, burbling over the stones with some lush plants around it. (otherwise HH is going to be a bit annoyed that he did'nt give them to pal afterall! haha)

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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Crochet covers for coat hangers and project polytunnel.

Hello you can see I'm back. I had a good ole rummage around charity shops but came up with nowt. But Matalan was a different kettle of fish! Here are some items I got all reduced (of course)
Most are destined to go into Daisy Caravan. But here is a close up of this little kitsch potato scrubber. Isn't she delightful?
£1.75 so I swiped her up along with these teapot and cups socks.....I know, I know! But they were reduced a lot. Probably going to make a sock monkey or two.

 Isn't that white teapot a bargain. It fits nicely underneath the caravan teacosy that I made to go in  Daisy. A large citrus green bath towel £2.50 and the large stripey mug I will probably fill with flowers either real or made.

The cushions were all bargains being only a couple of pounds each mostly.  Being a bit of a shopoholic I'm so glad I don't live anywhere near shops as I would be in there permanetly with the 'I wants'!!! The apple teatowel you can see on the right has been made into little curtains for the kitchen part of Daisy. 3 teatowels for £2.50. My cup overfloweth......sorry gotta go and lie down now :0D

Onto crafty stuff and this involves some wooden coat hangers that I got at our local charity shop. As I've already posted about covering them and making them look a bit prettier, here is one I've used for a brooch holder-hanger.
Who knew there was so many brooches lurking in the jewellery box! Now I can see at a glance what's what. It also makes a nice decoration.

You may remember these long bits of crocheting...

They've been turned into these.....

All nice and bright and pretty! Should I put any in my Etsy shop? Some are going into the caravan so visitors have somewhere to hang there clothing.

 Fancy clothes need fancy hangers!

Onto garden news....

The polytunnel has been taken over by is the before picture. Look at it now in just 2 and a bit months. It's been a bit of an experiment as to what to grow and I have to say we had a lovely crop of strawberries, so we want to increase them. Courgettes are doing great. Have never, ever, eaten one before (how did I get so old and never try one!) I understand you can put them in cakes so that will be good to try.

Lots of other stuff to numerous to mention. It's nice to sit in there having a cuppa and just meditate, it's really warm in there. The outside veggie patch is a success with peas....everything else is growing very slowly out there, but I'm sure will get there in the end.

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Caravans and cosies.

Looking back over my posts I thought I'd already introduced you to Daisy the Caravan and as I hadn't here she is!

She isn't in her final resting place as yet and in fact I've not done anything to her since we got her apart from taking the curtains down. She is a 4 berth although it is more for 2 people if you like to spread out a bit. There is an awning that goes with it so that will make it a bit bigger.

I did make a teacosy for when there is a teapot!
The fabric is linen, the other bits are scraps of cotton and the path is painted with various shades of grey to look like stepping stones. Wouldn't it be great if real caravans could have such fancy doors.

A washing line with brightly coloured clothing and two little daisies growing through the grass.

This other cosy was one I made a while ago now. It is made from a woolen blanket and I love the bright spotiness.....

I would love to own a spotty teapot like this.  Winter and summer tea cosies. The wooly one is quite thick but I misjudged the linen wadding so it is a bit thin.

You may remember that I said no more monkeys.......well I shouldn't have. I was given a pile of socks by dd and as they are so nice they magically turned into some little monkeys.
Here is big sister Rosie and various sizes of her brothers and sisters. They will all be going into my Etsy shop soon.

Next week I want be able to do a post as I will be away from the computer for a few days.
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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cushions, table and crochet.

I'm sitting in Daisy testing out the wireless connection for the computer and it is working so visitors will be pleased about that!

Following on from the green patchwork quilt  here I had 2 squares left over so this week they have been made up into 2 cushions to match and they are destined for Daisy to liven up the interior a bit.
Of course the white patch in the middle looked like it could do with a Quirky House to finish it off!

The backs are calico fabric and my favourite and quickest envelope style back.

I didn't have a proper cushion to put into one of them so it is a sort of filling from something else that I had so that was squished in (not as fat and plumpy but does the job) Daisy looks more cheery all ready! Why do caravans nearly always have beige/brown interiors. I'm itiching to paint everything white but need to get myself into a mind set to do it as I know I will get half way through and think, why on earth didn't I listen to Head Honcho when he said it looks OK as it is. (but once again what does he know, he's looking at it through a blokes eyes..... sorry if any blokes are reading! :0D )

We had a joint project this week. HH put aside some bits that he thought I might be interested in from the shed

I did have a photo of all the bits, well, in bits but it seems to have disapeared....anyway...the bottom and leg are from a lampstand and the top is from an old table which HH dismantled. He had to insert a rod down the leg as it was the only way to keep the table top on, so the top does have a nut on it (no, not me ;0p)  which I hope wont spoil it to much.

2 coats of primer and 2 top coats later. Now I have to think what to do with it......HH is no help, he says your on your own there as he's done his bit! Maybe decoupage/painted something/mosaic.....who knows.....if you have any good ideas do let me know.

It is good as a prop table instead of my freezer tho

The kettle (ebay of course!) matches the quilt/cushions perfectly. There was a lush looking pink one but I wasn't allowed that one :0(  so you can see a sort of greeny theme going on here for Daisy......but of course it might all change :0D

Did a bit more crocheting which I hope to finish for next week.
Told you the table made a good prop!!

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