Sunday, 20 October 2013

triplets or twins!

This week we have had some little visitors in the shape of twins and triplets. They are so good and didn't make a sound!
Here is the nursery aka my kitchen table! The prams are in various stages of completion.

Here are the triplets keeping as still as they can for their photo. All cosy in their winter hats and lacey blanket. With their plumped up pillows they are so comfy, and ready for a ride in their pram.

 Here is Robert waiting patiently for Rosamund to join him, although he's not lonely as the triplets have been keeping him company.

And here she is, although a bit more tweaking might be in order before she goes off to her new home.
 Head Honcho made the wheels for me and the pram is inspired by the big one my babies used to have....a long time ago now. Used to be able to get 3 children in plus the shopping!

And so to bed. The little 'un said...roll over, roll over haha.
The twins wanted to try out the new bed to see how comfy it is....they fell asleep! This is the smallest quilt I've ever made, just fits into the sardine can.

These three musketeers would have a lot of fun if I still had a pram I bet, there would be bits of food, chewed up toys and all sorts of garden vegatation in the bottom. Maybe I should sit in one and they can pull me along! (Jazz the spaniel is my dd's doggie, all good mates together....most of the time)

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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Fabric stash and Countess HarJill.

Hello everyone. This time I thought I would show you my fabric that I bought when I was down in my favourite place. Perth, Scotland. There is a large antique/collectable shop that sells all sorts and here is some of my haul.
A babies dress that is made from cotton and lace. I don't know how old it is but so sweet. Such fine sewing and delicate lace. I have hung it up in my bedroom for now so I can admire it.
A small French basket and the red gingham and huge piece of linen are also from France. The big bundle of lace I was lucky enough to win on Ebay......and here is what I have used some of them for.....
introducing The Countess de HarJill. With her lacey top and linen skirt.

She is proper posh and look at her bouffant hair do, if it wasn't so windy up here I think I would like a hair style like that!
I have made up a recital called 'Now I am old' a take on the poem 'When I am old'.  Part of it says ' now I am old, I shall dye my grey hair red and pile it high to the sky'

Oh I do wish I was so bold, maybe I could try it on special occasions!!
And here is the side of her fancy home. She has a little banner made from linen and with two butterlies balanced on the ends. With her handbag matching her shoes and a couple of hearts she feels very much at home. The box measures 11" x 6" and Countess is approx 9" tall from the top of her beautiful hair to her dainty shoes.
                                                       She has some very fancy lacy panties.

                                                No jeans for this young lady!

She is sold and on her way to her new home. Where, no doubt she will keep everyone in order with her best Downton Abbey voice!! These are made to order, so if you would like your own 'Countess' please email on the address at the right side bar.

Nikki has been thinking about the coming chilly days and has raided the wardrobe to see if the hats and scarfs are upto scratch....hmmm....maybe that one is a tad too big tho.

Whilst Archie has more important things on his mind and that is, checking out Nikki's bed to see just how comfy it is, measuring it up to see if he and his toys will fit,, and whether she should be sharing it with him!
Fit is nice, will have to move all my toys in and make it more homely. (Archie is such a fidgety bottom that it's hard to get a photo of him when he's not moving!)

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