Friday, 30 December 2011

Red sampler cushion

Yes, Dear Readers, I know I said I had done my last  cushion, but as I was searching through my stuff looking for something else, I came across the red cross stitch sampler that was made a long while ago.

 Having all the materials needed to make it into a cushion it would have been silly to have stuffed it back into
 the drawer wouldn't it!                                                                                                                                                                                                    
When I was originally sewing it, I did think of turning it into a  picture, but as I was on a cushion mission here it is.
The back which is my favourite envelope style and with a little label to complete the look.

                                         Final resting place, ontop of my bed.

And that IS the last cushion.......for this year!!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


A few years ago I went to a painting class to try and learn watercolours. This was my first ever attempt. Being a cheapskate and not wanting to purchase proper watercolour paper, I bought some cheapo paper to start off with. Have to say that was a big mistake, you cant see it very well in the photo but it's quite grainy and didn't take the paint very well so I ditched that paper and got some big girl stuff!

I then became obsessed with pansies and trying to catch their friendly little faces. I did so many the teacher got fed up with me. :0D

These are the two that are the last ones I did before I threw in the towel and not painted a pansy since. I'm always saying practise, practise but dont always use that advise meself!!

    I really must dust off my paint brushes and have a splosh around as I havn't touched them for ages. So many little time.

   Anyway be careful out never know who's watching :0D

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Red and linen cushion cover

This cover is made from red patchwork fabric and linen material. It has, of course, a couple of Quirky houses sewn onto one of the corners! I have hand appliqued them and then oversewn with the machine. Took longer than I thought but was enjoyable to make.
                                                      The Begining.....

                                                               Back view which is a simple envelope design.....
                                                                  Now  sold.

                                                     All three together........

Hope you like them!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Terrible Twins!

Let me introduce you to Onslow and Oswald the terrible twin monkeys!!
They have their knitted jumpers, hats and scarfs on as it is getting very cold and they were getting goose bumps.
With their little watches on they are never late!

                                                            Best mates as well as brothers!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Quirky Cushion

Finally finished the Quirky cushion cover that was in the pipe line. I used some material for the backing that was bought from Dunhelm Mill, which is a heavier weight of material, it has also added a bit of texture which I rather like.

Here is the cover before it was stuffed.

              Some close up. I have embroidered some flowers at the windows of some of the houses.

                                     And the back which is done in an envelope style.                    

           Tis nice and cheerful and makes me smile.....I baggsy the long tall building cos you can put g'kids up there and wouldn't hear them! lol  

                                                     And now onto the next project!!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Peek a boo!

Here's a peek at something that I'm making at the moment. Hopefully it will be finished by the weekend and then if it's turned out right, will show you then. (Tis a bit bright white as it was taken at night with a flash!)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Quirky Quilt Patch

What does one do when the electric is switched off for the whole day?(We were given prior warning that the power would be off due to repairs)
  Normally  that day would have been filled with cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing etc etc.......NOT! haha
 But I was going to use the sewing machine. Still not one to be outwitted I carried on with my knitted quilt which only requires me and two needles! But I had to make a label for when it's finished....eventually..... probably next year.
So here is the label.....

Yep a little house....did you think it would be anything else!!! It's not been ironed yet. And it will go on the end of this (the photo is picking up the wrong shades of green) It's been hand appliqued so took ages. I have to say it looks really nice in real life. This house has some window boxes full of flowers and some apples growing on the tree.

It is a nicer green than the photo, more like the small patch in the first photo.

                                                                         Close Up
There are quite a few patches to go....or until I run out of the wool as I wont be able to get any more. Lots of different patterns, some of which are my own and some are taken from the book '200 patchwork blocks'. It's taking me back to when I used to do lots of knitting for the children (in the olden days!) and some of  the patterns that I would have used. Oh well, the electric has been re-connected so no excuse to sit about :0D