Sunday, 7 February 2016

Budgie picture and K9 jacket

Greetings folks. I have just about finished the budgie mixed media picture that I've been working on off and on for the last couple of weeks.
Here she is getting her crown made to measure and adding some applique flowers to make her perch pretty.

Not the best of photos unfortunately cos of the light being pretty dismal at this time of year.
I've added a little inspirational quote which reads; Put on your crown, take a deep breath, and step outside. Today is a New day. (not by anybody famous, just little ole me!)
I've put applique flowers with lace middles cascading down the side and added some more applique flowers to the perch and then embroidered the middles. If you notice the last one hanging down is a heart.
Few more bits of antique lace added and there you have it....a budgie with a crown! What more could you want in your life!!

Here is Bobby with another coat for chilly days. Made once again from my old raincoat and the backing is cut from a some old pyjamas, recyling at its best lol.

We can now be assured that our little hamlet is safe and secure in the knowledge that Bobby has passed his exams to be a K9 and he takes his duties very seriously barking at anything that moves from his (and Archies) table perch in the porchway. We can now all sleep soundly!! haha

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