Sunday, 26 February 2012

Wood, material and paint with lashings of glue!

A little while ago we found a piece of curvey wood in the shed. It was put to one side as I thought it might be useful for something. Few weeks later I was watching an electric advert and lightbulb moment....houses don't need to be in a straight line they can be curvey. (the ad is houses and gardens balanced on round spheres, you've probably seen it)
So head honcho cut up some little blocks and shaped some roofs and made a lighthouse.

                                                       Starting to paint the bits.

          A 3d Quirky seaside town!

 The trees are made from material and matchsticks. The boat is a little bit of wood, whittled down by HH and his pride...the lighthouse! It measures approx 16" long and 6" high. It's now residing on my mantlepiece. So you can get inspiration from anywhere, even adverts. (It doesn't look anything like the electric ad, but set off an idea)As I rummaged into the woodpile to see what else there was I pulled out a small piece of plank which HH planed down for me so I am now doing another small 3d village which is in a straight line! He said it would look good as a local tourist spot that we have here. Hmm don't know about that but it has set me on another train of thought!

I have linked up with Make it Monday's blog so take a peek at what people have been upto.

I don't know if there are any quilters out there that are looking to do a project (especially those that are new to quilting, as she is new herself). A lovely lady that I know, would like people to join her in making a wall hanging quilt. The link is here if you would like to read about it and she would love to hear from you if you would like to join her.


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Vet's Letter

Here is the letter I sent to the vet after getting the email advertising neutering services for bunnies.
Thank you for your recent mail.
I have quite a number of rabbits and I wondered if there was a discount
for bulk as it seems to be quite  pricey?

As these are knitted bunnies I wondered if their stuffing would interfere with
the procedure at all. As you can see from the photos Frederick is quite a big lad
for a knitted rabbit and he is understanably got very nervous when I read the
unsolicited email out to him and his family. 
Also, you can see from the photo he is quite a looker and a strapping lad. His cousins are really pretty, in the photo they are just heading off to their dance school.(the photo doesn't give give them justice to how pretty they are)

If I can set the rabbit family's mind at rest that you want be coming to castrate them
they will be able to sleep tonight and I will be able to get a good night's rest. I will be handing out copius amounts of hot carrot soup for a long time to come. 

for and on behalf of
Frederick, Pippa and Phillipa and family
Reply from THE VET
Thank you for the lovely photos and the witty reply. I do hope we haven't caused too much stress to Frederick and family. They look like very well behaved rabbits that are probably very health conscious and attend the family planning clinic. As such, we won't have to worry them further.
I can take you off the mail list, but to be honest, I'm hoping for another witty reply next month and would much prefer not to. Would you mind if I posted your reply & the photos on there?
Many thanks
The Vet
Tickled me anyway. I sent him a couple of photos of the bunnies! I've said he can use my comments on his mailing list!


Egged on by everyone I have sent a letter to the vet's asking for a bulk discount and wondering if the stuffing would be a problem. Will let you know if there's any response!!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Made me laugh!

Just a an unsolicited email from a vet practise.
What was it advertising?  The prices for neutering your rabbits.
All the bunnies in the basket quickly crossed their legs and stood shaking.
I quickly reassured them that as they are knitted it didn't apply to them and to carry on dancing!

Funny how these people can 'track' words. I've often seen adverts on the top
of my mail page but I've never clicked on them.
Well best get the bunnies tucked up and give them a hot carrot drink to calm them down.

Have been doing some painting this week. It involves glue (which I hate getting on my fingers and I always do) paint, fabric and wood.....nearly finished and if all goes well will show you soon.
Cheery pip for now.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Phillipa Ballerina

Another one of the Bunny clan!
Little Phillipa rabbit has a lovely wide net tutu and she is wearing her favourite hot pink cabled top which again matches the ballet shoes. Us girls have to have matching accessories!

Phillipa and her sister Pippa are going to be making up a dance together, Rabbit White and Rabbit Red. It's sure to be a big theatre hit. The rest of the family are all involved and they will be the rest of the cast. The ticket price is very reasonable....any vegetable is acceptable as payment. (no chilies thank you)

I was going to add some more photos of other stuff I've been upto but the blog is not allowing any more photos for some reason and H.Honcho isn't here to see what's wrong. Oh well, you have all been spared an ordeal of my ramblings haha.

Till next time then.

Friday, 17 February 2012

A Little Visitor

Babs and the rest of the gang were super excited today as one of their cousins from London was up visiting. Pippa (named so as she has super duper striped tights just like Pippa Longstockings!) is also a dancer.
As she is a first class dancer she bought herself a white net tutu which shows off her striped leotard and tights which she things are the bees knees. It matches the wrap around cardi and pink shoes and the little bow on her head.

                                                             Back view you can just see the bow on the back of her tutu.

Here Pippa is doing her Bunny Hop dance that she made up. ( I didn't have the heart to say that I see bunny's hopping in the farmer's field.....but they don't have stripey tights and a cute smile so I guess
she must be right :0D  )

Well, I havn't been knitting all week I have also been painting the house......a model of our little cottage tho not a full scale one! Made from some lumps of wood, slyly whisked from  HH's wood pile that he had cut for the wood stove.
 The smaller one is HH's beloved shed! The larger one is our little cottage which in real life is twice as long. HH would have us live in the shed and turn the house into a storage unit for wood,wires and whathaveyou's!
The little loft window is where our daughter lived for a little while before she went to live her own life.

It now resides on my small dresser with my other clobber. I think it is a good match for our cottage we even have a red door as you can see from the photo on the sidebar!  I don't know if you can see the little ariel on the roof next to the chimney.

The other house that I painted is where we used to live. It had a blue door and also has an ariel.
Now you can see why we had to downsize our furniture quite a lot. I now have my own 3D Quirky Houses!!
The windowsills are tiny splinters of wood.

 I have an idea that was inspired from an electric advert which I hope I can make soon. It does involve a lot of fiddling tho, so we shall have to see. ;0)

I have popped this post over on Wendy's Make it Monday post

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Going to the Ballet

Now Belinda has gone to her new home her sisters were just waiting in the wings to show you their dancing!
First up is Babs, she opted for a brighter pink bow to show off her ears and her ballet shoes.

Balancing on her toes to the music of 'Sleeping Rabbit' which is her favourite dance.

                                            Doing the splits....ouch rather you than me Babs!

  With one of her brothers and ballet partner Brendan (who would rather be doing breakdancing) You might have seen them in Dancing on Grass which was a sellout. It was in the meadow next to the farmers carrot field, so a great feast afterwards was had by all as there was carrot cake, carrot wine, fried/baked carrots with a hint of mint  and carrot chips.  It's a pity that you missed it all :0D

Next up is Alison one of Babs many, many sisters. Not to be outdone she also can do ballet/tap and any other dancing steps you care to mention.

She has a pink leotard, unlike Babs who opted for white. And she likes her wrap around top which matches her bows and shoes.

                                                          Showing off her pink heart

Brendan wanted a photo shoot by himself as being surrounded by his sisters (and brothers) is OK but sometimes he likes a bit of me time.  He has his cabled jumper and matching jumper and shoes.

                                                         Showing you his little heart.

Side view showing you the little red 'buttons' on his shoes which match his favourite scarf.

They are all going to go hopitty hop over to my Etsy shop, and hopefully they will be dancing in someone elses house very soon :0D

Just altered Bab's eyes slightly

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Belinda Ballerina

Belinda Ballerina has now been preened and prepared and is going to dance over to my Etsy shop.

 Notice her ballet shoes have a nice big pink bow

Here she is doing one of her famous ballet dance, Rabbit Lake. She also says she can tap dance, but I think she does that at night when I'm asleep!
 A back view showing her 'secret' heart and pink leotard.

When Belinda dances she like to wear her special pink bow on her head. If there are any amateur dance directors out there Belinda would love to hear from you!

I forgot to say that Wendy is having the Monday make over on her blog

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Birds and Spring

The birds are tweeting merrily away outside. Usually they save such enthusiasm for spring, but, it's so mild up here in our part of Scotland that no wonder they are so happy!

And following on from that here is the birdies that I have been making. What I thought was going to be a quick make turned into a bit of a nightmare. The birds were easy to make and the pattern is from here but the cage was blooming hard.

 The Love birds have 2 babies and 3 eggs so they will be kept busy...haha. I have a geranium that has held on all over the winter and looks quite nice with the cage. In springtime wouldn't they look lovely sitting amidst loads of geraniums of all colours (they are one of my favourite flowers, but HH doesn't like them inside as he says they I say don't touch them then! As it's only when they are moved around they let of that smell) For some reason they don't grow very well in our garden so I put lots in the porch.

Anyway, here is the back view. The pattern doesn't have any wings so I added them and also a 'proper' beak.

                       Here they are hanging up. There is two hearts dangling down.

         There is a little cuckoo in the nest which has since been removed as I wasnt very keen on it. (the pink one)

So this is what I've been upto this week. I went from my original plan..... to undoing the whole thing, then making another, then re-thinking again, fiddling around, messing around and trying it with one bird, but she looked so sad and lonely by hereself so she had to have her husband in on the photo shoot! Which also meant more fiddling around to make room for him. So here they are cuddled up together. Mr and Mrs LuvDuv.

There is another smaller, brighter one in the pipeline. I wonder if that will go to plan or bottoms up!!
Also am doing something with wood, pinched from HH wood pile that he lovingly cuts for the stove. But now I'm off for a cuppa and to recuperate. So see you soon.....I hope

Sunday, 5 February 2012

What am I?

Here is a peek at something that I'm working on. No, it's nothing to do with chickens/hens/easter.
I hope that it will turn out OK and have something to show you in a few days. (or it might go the same way as the daff picture!)

It's the 52nd week of Wendy's Make it Monday and her blog is here please pop over and take a look at all the crafty bloggers.

Thursday, 2 February 2012


I needed a bright picture to liven up a dark spot.   Daffs are coming into the shops and some people way down south have them growing in their gardens and they are such cheery flowers and come in all sorts of variety's. The top picture shows the beginings....OK so far! The backing is calico, flowers are felt and the vase is blue cotton.

Flowers on, jug sewn, backing backed. The flowers looks as tho they are already pulling the material but they arn't.

But now it all goes wrong :0( When I started to add the stalks, which were machined stitched up and down 4 times and the leaves which are appliqued on..... all went puckered. I think maybe the problem was the thinness of the backing. Talk about being annoyed with myself, and it took longer to make than I planned!

You can't really see all the puckering in the photo, but it's there! It is hanging on the wall and if you stand away from it, it's not so bad. I have a matching picture frame and I was going to do some tulips for the other one...but might re-think it all!

Well, now onto the next project which I hope goes to plan :0D