Sunday, 19 May 2013

Mugs, samplers and Nikki

I sent away a couple of my Quirky house photos to have them put on a couple of mugs.
Here they are on my mini dresser.

                                            Close up


and whilst they are OK I think they should have had a brighter sheen to them as the photos that were downloaded were nice and clear and bright. So a bit of a disappointment really.

Anyway I did manage to finish off this little cross stitch sampler this week.
The aida was white but I wanted a more 'antiquey' looking colour, so it was soaked in some cold tea for a while. Unfortunately the photo shows it a pale brown, whereas, in real life it's a deeper, rich brown. That is Head Honcho with Nikke and me with a blue chicken!

At last the flowers are starting to pop up. Nikki takes a keen interest in the garden, after all there are bees and butterflies to chase, passing cars and bikes to bark at, bits of unkown yuk to nibble on. Here she is having a rest inbetween activities.

But she would like to remind you to take the time to slow down and smell the flowers!

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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Have a cuppa cross stitch. Muddy pawsteps from Jazz!

I hope that you are getting some share of the sun, if you are, we need some up here so pass it on!!

The poly tunnel has been slowly filled with plants and seeds of various descriptions with some experiments going on. I have cut one of those shoe bag tidies that hang over doors, in half and part filled them with strawberry plants. (in the soil I mixed a bit of gel retention crystals so they don't dry out to quickly)  A bamboo stick was threaded through the re-sewn hem, a bit of wire fixed either end of the stick and then hoisted over the railings of the roof of the poly tunnel, thus freeing up space on the floor and also bamboozling the ninja slugs. I am hoping this will work as I love scrummy strawberries.

Not been crafting much this week so will show this little cross stitch that was done a few years ago but I still love it.

  Tea tastes better served in a posh bone china cup....but I always have a mug and save the cup for special times. Need me tea, otherwise I collapse in a hopeless heap!

 Nikki was having a snooze and doing a good imitation of Aleksander the Meerkat....and wondering if she  there is a vacancy for a body double. (If anybody out there is an agent she would consider going into the advertising industry!! haha )                                                                                                                          
 Totally unaware of what Jazz was getting upto in the kitchen.

Jazz was saying 'what me guv, weren't me, honest'  All innocent about these very muddy footprints all over the kitchen floor!
But how can you be angry with those eyes looking at you.

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