Saturday 17 May 2014

Hello Chummies everywhere. Today I will be dancing around in a posh dress and pink ballet shoes doing the housework!
Haha of course not.....who wants to do housework when there are more exciting things going on, such as.....
walking on the beach and collecting driftwood to make into Moby Dick!

and a little boat to sail away to sunny places, where the sea is blue and the beaches are full of shells, and the wine is chilled!

No, you're eyes aren't deceiving you, there are wheels on the boat. It's stabilisers for trainee sailors! haha

and here is my beach buddy Archie. He is smirking at me, wondering how far he will get if he grabs the boat and starts chewing it!!

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Sunday 4 May 2014

Painting on wood folkart style

This week I have been rescuing bits of wood that have a painted background and crying out for some little houses to be painted on top. I imagine they are from an old fence or similair. The first ones had a lovely green background and so made a good start to these two folkart type pictures. Joined up they make one long scene.

Not only that, but this' house in the woods' and  'house on a cliff' also match!

                                                         Close up

This one had lovely pink paint on type of fencing!  It is now a key/lead hanger!

                                                Closer look.
                                              That's my little cottage with the shed attached.

It was nice to get some paints out again. Sadly they have been put back into the cupboard until I get the 'urge' again! I have got a project in mind, but that is a sewing one and too soon to show and tell.....well it's still in my head!

This week Archie has found out that he is possibly going to be a father. So he realises it's time to stop lying around and get a proper job! lol

So he pulled himself together and helped his beloved Nikki to spring clean Daisy the caravan ready for the summer months.
Hi de Hi everyone! Archie will you stop slobbing on the glass I've just spent hours cleaning it....oh go and make a cup of!!

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