Sunday 26 April 2015

Blue tits finally framed.

After humming and harring on what background to use for the 3 embroidered blue tits picture. I initially chose a painted blue background, but after leaving it for a day thought it was too bold/bright for the birdies.
As I had a piece of wallpaper which is a more neutral colour and lets the birds be the thing you see and not the background!
Here they are hanging next to our little dresser, which started life as a place to display our jugs, but now other bits and bobs have managed to squeeze in!

Still on a birdie theme.....we needed a couple of bookends and found a couple of rocks that were similar in size to make a matching pair of owlets.

                                                     Starting to see little faces appearing.

                                                            Both doing a very good job of holding the books upright.

They had a short flight outside and decided that if ever they are going to be outside birds this is going to be their new nest. But for now they think the warm and dry table is the best place to be!

Their mum came to see they had settled in well before flying off and making her home on top of the front wall.

Out for a walk in the middle of rush hour.....mind the traffic Archie!!

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Saturday 11 April 2015

Yet more birdies

As I Still had my needle out after embroidering the birdies in my last post, I did some more embroidery, this time of  some cow parsley. I would like to get a collection of nature things together and put in a box frame.
Little robin is in there and think it needs a nest!

I made this cross stitch sampler for my daughter for her new home when she got married. More blue tits as you can see! Now it has served it's time and no longer needed in her home. So must put my thinking cap on and see how it can be re-cycled into something.

One the blue tit theme here is a little childs chair that my DH found on the tip. I thought that the embroidered pattern would transfer well into a painting for the back.

and here they are sitting on a branch full of spring flowers with a little nest underneath. (the chair is a green colour, the lightening makes it look as tho its two different colours)

I thought a little cushion would be nice for small bottoms to perch on. But not to sure of the colour, But it will have to stay for now, and  Scruffy 'Erbert thinks it's nice and comfortable haha

This little mouse/teddy has such a sweet face.
He is sporting a scarf and woolly jumper as the weather is a tad chilly at the moment. But a brisk walk in the woods with Archies wife and kid soon warms everyone up and then its home to bed.


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