Friday, 12 December 2014

Village in a drawer

Brrr and Brrrr again. Turned bitterly cold and very windy, although we havn't had this 'weather bomb' that was coming our way. (is it the media that makes up these names to get our attention?) even the electric stayed on. Just nipping out to the hen house was trauma enough!

As the dark nights have turned into dark days my photos are even worse than usual and the colours of the little houses are a bit more vibrant than the photo.
Can you see my little cottage hiding in there somewhere, see if you can find it! I made some little trees to add to the village scene. The houses on the top have smoke coming out of the chimneys, nice cosy fire inside just right for these winter days.

Mr. Poslethwaite has landed and spreading hearts which are in his basket. His warm enough in his hat and scarf! (he is made from a polystyrene ball and then covered in paper clay and bamboo legs.

This was a very quick make. Butterflies cut out from some wallpaper, one slightly bigger than the other, bottom one stuck down and the top one with a touch of glue along it's body and in a cheapo box! For my daughter as a 'moving in to her new home' pessie.

                               A 3-D effect and cost was nothing as I already had the frame.

Think it will be some time before we see any sun and hang out with friends in the garden. The sunglasses and tanning lotion have been safetly put away for next year.....sigh....oooh wonder if there will be snowball fights and building snowmen, now that sounds fun!

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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Lots of little houses

Hello folks, the time is marching along pretty quickly and tho it's been very mild I do wonder if we will have any snow this winter. We only got a light dusting last January not enough to make a snowball with let alone a snowman!

This little 'quirky' house picture was made for a family member so I hope they like it.

Also this week I've been fiddling about with some different sort of houses. This one is a winter scene..

Do you like the red heart hanging on the branch? The occupants hung it there when they moved in. haha There is smoke coming out of the chimney so somebody is in, lets go and have a cuppa with a slice of cake while we warm our tootsies by the fire.
                                                           Side view.

'Posh' girl is sitting next to it so you can see the size of the house. Lots of snow on the roof and on the 'trees'. 'Posh' is feeling quite chilly sitting there with her fancy ball dress on!

Here are a few more houses sitting in the shelves while I await inspiration. The box  (or little drawer) is one of 5 that Head Honcho found in the shed. I just added a couple of shelves, handy eh, just right for little houses.

Archie is taking a keen interest in gardening and likes this 'blue' orchid very much although he is wondering why it doesn't smell. The two buds on the end that have now come out are a pale shade of blue with a pink strip centre.
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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Quirky House Sampler finished

Hello folks. Here is the finished 'quirky' house sampler. I decided it looked better as a sampler than a cushion, what do you think? It measures appox 17"x17".
                                                        Photo is a tad darker than in real life.

                                                      Come and take a stroll around the village and have a closer look at these cheerful houses...
                                            Notice the apples on the tree and quilt flapping on the line. Little kitty cat peeking out the window and flowers brightening up the window.

                                          I need.... the top room in the blue house, would make an excellent work room!

                                            Good TV reception with those aerials!

                                          Plenty of eggs available in this village.

                                          The sun is peeking through so looks like it's going to be a bright day.

                                                      .....and it certainly is.

                                               and back to the begining. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

I am getting on very well with the multi coloured blanket and nearly finished the second strip, so maybe it might be in time for this winter and not the next one! Anyway Archie has his beady eyes on it for a possible snuggle blanket for himself.....I think not! There are a couple of unfinished projects littered around the house that need to be finished if I can find that elusive craft mojo!!

Logan (who belongs to daughter) is getting just to cute, now 5 months old. (Those black eyes) I think if he wasn't he'd be in the dog house before now! Archie (he's dad) likes to rough and tumble with him and teaches him how to bury a bone and other doggy behaviour.
Don't bark at the postman, give him a smile then he just might give you a biscuit. Haha.

Until next time keep on crafting.

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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Stripey blanket

Even tho it is very mild at present, we've been told by the media that we are going to have a hard winter and so when all my wool fell out the craft cupboard yet again thought maybe a good way to de-stash was to make a warm winter stripey blanket. The colours are not in any particular order, just what comes out of the bag first!
I chose a pattern which was easy, and immediately 4 rows in had done some major errors and had somehow went off on a tangent and did a completely different design!

I don't know if this stitch is out there already in pattern books or not, but I secretly feel it's my own! Doesn't it look a bit lik a crochet stitch, I think so. This is a 4 line repeat and very easy with a lovely texture to it. I can imagine it in other colours or even just one.

                                                      First section completed

I'm doing the stripes sideways, otherwise they will be rather cumbersome to knit. I would like it to be the same size as the green blanket but will keep going until I run out of wool. An update on progress next time.

Working on this as well......
                                                 Hmmm a cushion cover or a sampler?

My Etsy shop has been re-opened for a little while although there isn't a lot in there I did have some sales straight away which was very nice and keeps the motivation going.
This little girlie is one of the items in might notice that she has had a new hairdo!

Archie has found himself a new cushion.....after all what are friends for if you can't make yourself comfy on them!
    They were both sound asleep. Haha
That's it for now,,,see you next time.

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Booze, babies and beautifying!!

This month has been wine bottling month and the beetroot was ready and also drinkable which was a bit of a suprise as usually it likes to sit for at least 6 months.

This was for a pressie so it has a hand painting 'Quirky House' label. Usually I just slap a little sticker on . So a bit posh for special people haha.

Ingredients are very natural. Home grown beetroot, water, sugar, yeast. I forgot there is also lemons added. No chemicals are used. I use a country recipe book which is quite old fashioned so no fancy thermometers/gizmos/additives.  Cheers me dears!

You may remember this little girlie on the left. She has had a new hairdo, gone is the long flowing locks and in comes this...

....little bunches tied with a pretty blue ribbon, what do you think....10 years younger at least! I'm now going into the mobile hairdressing business, wonder if my craft scissors are sharp enough.

Just had to buy this little postcard, it made me smile which is a good enough excuse.
Aww, memories of when the kiddies were little, and did this...a lot! Have been asked 'why did you buy this'?  My reply...'Well, you're smiling at it as well, so it's done it's job'!! haha

Another family photo. Sheep are for sitting on. Smile please.

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

2 Very Posh Ladies!

I do love lace and frilly things....although you wouldn't really know with some of the things I've made! But let me introduce you to Antonette and her big sister Bella. They are both made from vintage cotton and have a mixture of antique and new lace. Their hair is made from a soft, dove grey wool.

Arn't they just the poshiest frocks ever! They both have little books of treasures which comprises of little bits of their favourite material,lace and papers.

Sitting in a froth of lace, and with her kitten heels, she has a vintage fashionable top with two embroidered flowers. She has little pearl earrings and a fancy headpiece.


                                                            Big sister Bella

Bella has a lovely lace top on which compliments her favourite lacey skirt. She has high heels and a lovely little cosarge in her hair.

                                                      Books of Treasure, full of lace, material and papers.

Sitting atop an old singer sewing maching. (their hair is darker in this photo, which in real life it is a lovely pale dove grey)

........and this is how it all began. You will turn into swans and go to the ball Cinderalla!!

Here is our doggie family, dad, mum and baby,  pausing for breath in their favourite place at the forest (they have decided the beach is also no 1 place to be)

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Chunky cardi, buttons and brooch

Hello Folks. In view of the winter fast approaching the knitting needles have been out.  This is my  favourite pattern which is knitted in aran yarn in stocking stitch with some cabling, so very quick. In fact it was finished long before anticipated!
Trying to get a good colour likeness was next to impossible. In reality it is a darker mauve with flecks running through. After the cardi was nearly finished I realised that I hadn't made the inset pockets....maybe thats why it was up and running so quickly! lol

The pattern uses one button at the top, but I thought I would have a go with these self cover buttons and see what happens as I've never used them before.

Using French knots in a light and darker mauve these little flowers look a bit like Buddleias I thought.

A nice bright brooch finishes off the outfit.  (another photo that didn't capture the colours well) This was made from a piece of plaid wool with fabric flowers and vase, finished off with some random felt spots and the blanket stitched onto a mauve felt back.
It's already been out for an airing and it is nice and cosy. I do wonder why aran yarn has to be put into such huuuge balls tho (or perhaps I don't need to wonder!) In the old days they were sold in 50g lots, then went up to 100g and now a whopping 600g. What was needed was a 600g ball and perhaps another 100g. So I now have lots of wool leftover......wooly hat/scarf anyone!!

Here is someone who knows just what to do with an interesting looking item!
You can see what the colour is, yes, part of my jumper! Little Logan thought it was absolutely great fun. My fault as I forgot that the knitting bag was left on the floor when he was visiting. Forgot what it was like with toddlers, move everything up high! haha

Dad (Archie) was supposed to be baby sitting, but he was to busy ordering doggy biccys on the internet!

Logan just knows just how darn cute he is....and uses it to the full advantage!
Byee till next time.

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