Saturday 11 February 2017

'Ladies that Lunch' First lady in the series.

You might have thought I've done a runner.....but I'm still here!!

If you are still following along, here is my latest makes which are mixed media ornamental dolls.
This is the first one I made.
How do you like her mop of ginger hair?

Fancy ribbon and clip.

This little girl is made from paper clay, wood and paper. She has a fancy necklace and even an umbrella for those rainy days!

Just look at those painted nails which match the red of her designer handbag and a gold ring. Her mary jane blue shoes complete her outfit. Hope you like her she went off to a new home very quickly. Next time I will show you her friends.

Of course, we can't forget Archie and Bobby who have now been joined by Lucy, who is a Yorkie. Archie ignores her and Bobby thinks he has his own wind up toy. They just love to chase each other. Lucy had her first walk in the big wide world today and loved it.