Saturday, 12 March 2016

Bats in the belfry!

I don't think I've seen a real life bat....ever. To remedy that, on my todo list was a 'fake' one. My daughter beat me to it and made me a super duper bat of my own! Here she is hanging onto the curtain pole while eyeing up everyone.
Now, doesn't that look real! This gorgeous bat has leather ears, wire and material wings so they can be closed or opened and the body has been needle felted.

The dogs were rather scared of her at first but as she is very friendly they overcome their initial fears and had a good sniff, sensing no danger they were pleased to welcome Gertrude into the family!

Here Gertrude is with her wings closed and trying out this shelf to see how comfy it is.

    The fireplace was the end she decided on settling on the bookshelf and that is where she waits for unsuspecting visitors and makes them jump....not because she says booo but they think we have a real bat in the house!!
(My daughter does make them similar to order)

At last Flo has been lifted off the shelf (after being there for a couple of years) and joined by a never know they might get finished some time soon! I just get sidetracked by other crafty bits and bobs.

We were very lucky to have about 3 days of continual sunshine (yes, we were amazed as well!) and although cold, it was a good opportunity to go out and about and breath in some fresh air. This is going to be the dogs best walk in the summer as they will have their own swimming pool!

See you again soon.
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