Saturday 15 February 2014

Van Goph inspired painting.

After the last posting of 'not a lot going on' I have to report that it is still the same! Seem to be busy, but not getting anywhere in particular. Oh dear. Anyways my daughter painted this for me.....

Quite a largish picture painted in oils and acrylics. Very Van Gophy don't you think? It is at the framers getting a mount cut. A nice bright and cheery picture to brighten up all these dull days.

Archie had his first haircut the other day. Gone is the little scruffy hairball, and here he is all super smoothed.
I have to say I think we both got a shock seeing the new hairdo for the first time. His very coarse top coat has revealed a super soft under coat and he's not as tubby as we thought!! haha
Guess who drove him to the salon......Nikki, she wanted her man to look super suave.

Nikki is quite good at learning new tricks and has learnt to wave bye bye. So another little party trick under her collar. Whereas Archie is very lazy in that department and thinks it's all a con and has better things to do with his time!
Well, that's it again folks.

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