Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Cheery Cherry

She's made with some cheerful red cherry socks. With her little watch she's always on time......unlike me!

Grub up

These are the biggest radishes that I've ever seen. Grown by my daughter from some seeds that I also planted in my garden. Its strange that mine came out titchy and covered in holes and very peppery, and her's are this big and are delicious. Still the peas are coming along well!

Monday, 30 August 2010

Three cheeky chappies just hanging around and chillin' They have velcro on their hands so they can be hung from doorposts, around the neck or put up like bunting!
Made from those over the knee socks to customers request.

This is the smallest member of the family called Titch. Made with a pair of baby socks and about 4" high.

This brown monkey was made out of soft feel socks and is the cuddliest monkey I've made. He is already on his way to his new home and have orders for more.

first post

At last I've got a blog! Go me! I am an avid crafter and like to try anything at least once.
In the past I've felted/embroidered/knitted/sewn/patchwork/applique and probably a few other things.
At the moment I'm making sock monkeys.....lot's of them. As soon as I make them they are sold!!
I will be putting lots of photos on so beware there will be a monkey overload. Will be having a website and Etsy store soon as well.