Sunday 12 August 2012

Cross Stitch Cats. Update on mini sampler. I've won a giveaway.

Hello everyone from a very windy tip of Scotland, although the sun is shining it sort of takes the edge of it when you get your hair all messed up in a gale :0D

This cross stitch was mostly done in the hotel in the evening when I was on holiday last month, so it just needed finishing off. This is a gift for my daughter who has two cats, one stripey ginger and the other grey and white so this little picture fitted the bill just purrrfectly (get it!) It's a design by Maragaret Sherry. She does the cutest animals. I think you name an animal and she's done a x-stitch of it.
                                                Before the back stitch

                                        Now doesn't the back stitching make a difference!
and, no, they arn't best mates in real life, they tolorate each other....just! Cute eh.

I won a giveaway earlier on this week from with-u-in-mind. Wow, the suprises just kept falling out of the envelope.

It's hard to see just how many goodies were actually in the packet.....there were lots and already I have used a couple of things. Isn't that one-eyed monster super cute. My g.daughter is going to love him. Lots of beading accessories and what I thought were sweeties are actually charm/beads. So my other g.daughter is going to have fun with me accessorising them. Thank you again kat these will keep me going for a wee while! Pop over to her blog and see what she's upto.

As I've reached 200 followers and it's 2 years since I started blogging I thought I would host a giveaway, so watch this space.

This is an update of the mini-mini sampler that I've been stitching on and off this week. (If you click on the photo it should come up bigger)
Square 1; Quirky house
Square 2; the veg patch. Caulis, carrots, cabbage and onions.
Square 3; My pink animal spot wellies which is my normal wear in the garden.
Square 4; Where would I be without a cuppa, served in a china teacup of course!
Square 5; I love topairy so these two would be by my front door.
Square 6; not completed
Square 7; Washing line of kids clothes
Square 8; I can never refuse cake!
Square 9; I love this sentiment
Square 10; Bunting, for no reason but because I like it.
Square 11; Wanted to do a heart so googled for some images and this is my take on one such image. Sort of folksy I think.
Square 12; Hollyhocks. Love them. They also feature a lot in the old fashioned embroideries with crinoline ladies which I'm rather fond of.

Gosh, when you write it down it sounds loads. Even tho it seems quite a simple design they take ages to do as they are so small. I'm enjoying the process tho. (I have done a couple more of the squares but you will have to wait till next week to see what they are :0P )

I will be adding to these linky parties over the coming week, so stick around and find some more super blogs.


  1. Glad you liked your goodie bag :D

    The cross stitch is great. And yes the back stitch makes all the difference. Brings the design out.

    However most impressed with your minis. Excellent to see your still adding items. The Hollyhocks are amazing. With regards to the cupcake.... Mmmmmmmm cake!

  2. Oh my goodness, but you've been busy! Don't know how you have the patience for such tiny details, as in this gorgeous teeny sampler, but it's such a lovely result....I especially love the ikkle house and the teacup! Ditto for the cross always make me want to start (or even finish!) a project..hahaaa!
    Congrats on the win....lovely stash!

  3. Love the cats! They are so cute :)

  4. The cats are wonderful! I have a grey stripey and an orange stripey as well. And they barely tolerate each other. Lots of other fun stuff happening at your place, too, I see!

  5. You mini sampler is really coming on! You are so fast! Congrats on winning the giveaway, looks like a good one :)

  6. Your mini sampler is coming along great! I love the cross stitch too :)

  7. I love your veg patch, tea cup and cupcake

  8. Those cats look so adorable. Looks like you won quite a lot.

  9. Your mini sampler is really cute, and growing very quickly. How exciting to get a package full of so many things.

  10. I love your adorable cats.

  11. Love the cats - just so cute! And the sampler is coming along beautifully - lovely to see x

  12. Your mini sampler is fabulous - so peronal and lovely designs. You are a very clever lady! Jo x

  13. Well done on the goodie bag and loving that sampler, so different and interesting. I know the work that goes into x stitch, love it but just never finish

  14. It's lovely to see the new bits on your mini mini sampler - I just love that idea. The Hollyhocks caught my eye :)

  15. Wow, two hugging cats are gorgeous and sweet. Congrats on the win, all lovely goodies.

  16. Loving the mini sampler. So full of life.

  17. Love your Margaret Sherry cats, her designs are amongst my favourites. The mini sampler is cute too. Congrats on winning all those lovely goodies too

  18. I adore, adore the sampler, you just have a certain touch with these things.

  19. Wow, fab giveaway. So many goodies! Lovin' those kitties too!

  20. The cross stitch is so cute, as is your sampler and what a wonderful giveaway you received :)

  21. What a wonderful goodie bag! Love that. Those kitties came out so sweet, great job on that. I like cross stitch, but it's tedious to me, I have a hard time paying attention, so I admire your ability.

  22. I love your mini-sampler - must be very hard work producing it. I love the cross-stitch - my favourite animals too. Hope you have a good week.

  23. woohoo! i can finally see some cross stitch on hand-made monday blogs! first time! :P
    well done on your M.Sherry kitties, they are gorgeous and indeed the backstitch DOES make a hell of a difference.
    your sampler looks great, you included so many new elements. thanks for telling us a story about them.

  24. Your work is sooo cute! I love the sampler. I hope you will share how you are going to display it.

  25. Oh the sampler is just gorgeous, your work is always so lovely! x

  26. I couldn't for the life of me see that it was two cats until I saw the second picture! Very cute. Hugs Mrs a.

  27. Oh you're right!!! It brings the whole thing to life!
    YAY for winning a giveaway!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  28. I have always wanted to learn to stitch like that! Looks like you got some great stuff in the giveaway!


  29. Well, I have to admit I was beginning to wonder quite what that cross stitch picture actually was - a giant tea stain? But as you say, the secondary stitching makes all the difference! Lovely. xCathy

  30. Have really enjoyed catching up with your blog Penny. The fountain fiasco looks as if it could turn into the fountain triumph and the little cat picture is sweet - what a thoughtful present. The thing that's really caught my eye though is that wonderful mini sampler - the grid layout is a stroke of genius! Congratulations on your win too. Vicky x

  31. Congrats on the goodie bag, looks like fun. The cats turned out fantastic and the back stitch makes a wonderful difference. Gives it such personality. I love the mini sampler you're doing too. Thanks so much for sharing at Creative Thursday this week. Have a wonderful weekend.


  32. The sampler is coming on a treat, I especially like the veg patch!

  33. Absolutely gorgeous. Sampler is great too.
    Thank you for linking it up at our linky party at