Friday, 8 October 2010

I'm back!

After our epic journey right down to Kent, back through Ilford and then Bolton before heading back to our beloved cottage in our part of Scotland. I take my hat off to all those that have to juggle the traffic in towns and cities. Everytime we go down we forget how bad the traffic is and how busy everywhere is BUT there is some great shops down there! We came across a shop called Homesense (found out its part of TKmax) and what a lot of lovely stuff for the house there is. (But it wont take first place in my must have shops, that's still reserved for Dunelm!!) Not particularly cheap but nice for a browse. No, I didn't buy owt except for a very large clock. Will post a photo later.

I did take some craft work with me and finished my cardi and one of the ufo cross stitches that was for a friend, it's amazing what can be done when there is no computer to use as I also did a few more of these little patches for the quilt.....more to follow

 So hopefully I will get on with doing some patching in the next few days.


  1. Yes it the traffic can certainly be bad can't it. Glad you managed to get some crafting done while you were away on your 'epic' journey :-)

  2. Hi there! Many thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment:) I love your houses and your blocks. The sashing fabric with birds is so pretty. Your monkeys are so much fun (the bikers really cracked me up) And you are an artist! The portraits are good! ... and SMALL. I look foward to seeing more of your work. Cheers, Una:)