Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Sweet heart and posh dogs

A heart made from fabric and paper flowers fastened with a little button and mounted onto a piece of lace which is then glues onto a painted wooden block.
A red paper ribbon completes this simple but effective piece.

The back has typewritten I love you words on paper dyed to look old.

Placed on my dresser to show size. I think it looks rather sweet in amongst my eclectic collection.


                              Hiya, good looking. Archie posing in a new harness. He is one smart dog.

                                               Lucy looking very pretty in pink.

                                             Not to be outdone Bobby is one handsome guy in this
                                                          going out to somewhere posh harness!

Monday, 21 May 2018

2 posh girls Lavinia and Sophia

These two girls were made from paper clay with paper hair. Lavinia is the brown eyed beauty who is looking a bit shy. She has a tiara and necklace to match her hair and sits on a wooden plinth.

Sophia her sister has a nice blue hairdo, also with a tiara and matching necklace. She has lovely blue eyes.

Two sisters together.

One day I will make a doll like this with a body attached.....eventually!

Meanwhile, in the doggy world. my eldest daughter has drawn the trio in coloured pencil, when they were puppies. Here they are grown up with their portraits. awww so cute.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Owls and pups

Here we are again. Not sure if my blog has any followers any more, but never mind.

Today I am posting photos of my daughters work. This is an owl and stand that she chainsawed from one piece of sycamore wood. How she looked at the stump of wood and saw an owl is beyond me!

She then painted and varnished him. He is very tactile and you want to stroke him. Those eyes are wonderful. We have a few owls around our area that perch on the fence posts. This one is off to a dear friend of jealous, of course I am!! haha

She also drew these portraits of the 'hooligans' when they were pups. Just so cute.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Frank the Fox head

I've finished Frank the Fox head. He was made from a piece of cotton sheeting that I had and hand painted then mounted onto a piece of pine wood.

                                              He has whiskers that twitch when you're not looking!

                                                      Beady eyes watching everything that's going on.


                     Frank is super handsome, just look at those ears!

           It's a bit ironic that he is hanging amongst the hares....haha

                    Lucy in her super smart knitted jumper. So cold here that she will get a lot of use from it.