Saturday, 25 September 2010

Cheerio computer

As I will be away from my beloved computer for a couple of weeks I will leave with a plethera of monkey photos. Hope you enjoy them and 'see' you when I'm logged in again. :0)

They have all gone to good homes where they are loved and cuddled. (Either by a child or adult!)

I hope to catch up on my cross stitch (well one of them anyway) and  start a new project that I have in mind. More of that at a later date. Also I hope to come back with the cardi knitted up and finished, I did start on the last part which was the one of the fronts and couldn't believe that I've miscounted the stitches so had to undo it. (is that called frogging or is that cross stitch??) But back on track now. Our local craft shop (which is super-duper BUT you have to have a firm hand on your purse otherwise you will come out completely broke!) sells really unusual buttons...bit expensive but when the cardi is no longer usuable they can be snipped off and re-cycled onto summat else. So might just treat the cardi to 2 buttons from there.
Anyway enough of my ramblings...over and out!


  1. Loving all your monkeys!!! they are beautiful!!

  2. It looks like you have a lot of fun making these :)