Sunday, 10 October 2010

Knitted cardi

The photos don't do justice to this little cardigan. The blue is more turquoise and a lot brighter than the pale blue shown. I know knitting is coming back into fashion just now but I don't see many people sporting a knitted item yet. The cardi looks much nicer on than off (in my opinion) and is a shorter length (not grannyish at at all :0D )
I've knitted one of these for my d.i.l. and 2 for my daughter and they wear them and they are both in their 20's so cant be bad! This pattern has now been used 6 times in all......time for a change me thinks!

panel down the front which once you get into the rythm is quite easy.

I was going to buy some swanky buttons as only needed two. BUT daughter was throwing out a manky top that had 5 buttons on it. Once more the colours are not right (new camera as well) they match perfectly so was really pleased.  Now when I see some item in cs or cheapo shops will be seeing what the buttons are like and if its worth buying just for them as they are really expensive now.
Finished item. It has moss stitch on the arms and back of the cardi. So all ready now for the blizzards that are supposed to be coming this winter!! Would love to do a big Aran coat that I have lost the pattern for was a really trendy one with trees on the back....anybody know the one I mean? Twas a number of years ago that I first saw it, but at the time had kids at home and just knew I would lose my place if I started knitting it,so  put it away for years and think when we downsized it got thrown :0( boo to me.


  1. Hello!
    Thanks for popping over to mine and leaving a comment :-)
    I love the turquoise cardigan, it looks so cosy and cheerful for winter days. You've used 2 of my favourite stitches: aran and moss stitch - which pretty much makes the cardigan perfect in my opinion !
    Have a great week,
    Denise x

  2. Hi Thanks for your nice comment on my blog but even more importantly thanks for introducing me to your great blog and your wonderful work!

  3. Hello
    Your cardi is an amazing colour and the panels are really lovely. Would you mind sharing the pattern name please?
    Thank you :0)