Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Finished cross stitch

This is the finished cross stitch. Not a pattern that I enjoyed doing particularly but as it was for a friend I plodded on! Hope she likes it and it's not going back into a drawer somewhere! There was quite a bit of backstitching to do, sometimes it's easier to do that as you go along and you can see the pattern better so that is what I did with this one. Which leaves me with the cat one to finish off, but as that one is for myself might procrastinate with it. I do have a rule now not to start a new cross stich until current one is all done and dusted and so far that has worked. (but not for all the other projects as I have a few different ones going at the same time!!)


  1. Well I think it is lovely and you have a very lucky friend!

  2. Ah it's lovely. I think I need to adopt your approach for all my projects - I have so much unfinished stuff lying about!

  3. Gosh - how long did that take you?