Thursday, 14 October 2010

Knitting pattern

I was asked which pattern that was used to knit me blue cardi. Well this is it, as I said not grannyish quite modern I did adapt it a bit and moss stitched all of the back and moved the 2 front panels right over to the front band as  it seemed to be nearly underneath the arm pit and not so easily seen.
This bowlful of cooking apples was taken from one patio tree quite an amazing amount for a small tree. They arn't as big as Bramley's but at least I know they are fully organic. Most of them have been turned into crumbles and eve's puddings but still got loads left over.

Surging ahead with the patchwork. When you have to unpick it 3 times that's the time to put it away for the day!! But even with those hiccups there is  only one more panel to be sewn and then the sashing all the way around. So nearing the end......until I get into a puzzle with the actual quilting bit.


  1. Thank you for your nice comments about my doll. I really enjoy making them. However, I just looked at your blog and what wonderful things you do!! Love your sweater. ;-)) Yvonne

  2. Well doesn't this look like the perfect life! Knitting and apples and a cabin in Scotland! It's what most people dream about ;) That's probably why you don't need football - no aggression! We could all take a lesson here. Your work is beautiful!

  3. Thanks for passing on the info about the pattern. I shall have to have a look for that one this weekend. It really is lovely ~ I l♥ve things with very few buttonholes.
    Justine x