Friday, 15 October 2010

Wow, won a prize!

Can't remember the last time I won something! These are from Paint Drops Keep Falling (( and they are very large postcards of her lovely paintings. I will be framing a couple of these (especially the one with the red spotty background!) I love the way she does her backgrounds I'm sure she'd be delighted if you paid her blog a visit. (sorry I don't know yet how to highlight the name) So thank you very much they are lovely.

Patchwork is coming along a pace and nearly finished the patching together. It has 5 strips so only another one to do and then the sashing around the edges.


  1. Gosh your patchwork really has grown, it is look great and very stunning.

    Lovely postcards. :-)

  2. thanks for visiting my blog, i love the look of your hst quilt! i have just finished mine as you probably have read, it was a project that i loved doing! happy days, liz@broderie

  3. oooh your patchwork is lovely, I been thinking about a red and white quilt. x very impressed with all your apples x

  4. Thanks Penelope - that was a surprise to see when I logged on :) SO gdelighted you ,love them so much to frame two ( the real painting is still for sale if you're interested...) BTW it's paint drops keep falling - I can be a messy painter but they never fall on my head!! LOL. Loving that quilt top. Claire x

  5. Good luck with the's always good
    to see the top finished

  6. The quilt is looking terrific...well done..hugs Khris