Wednesday 5 April 2023

Mixed media Ladies

 Here is another line up of my mixed media ladies. All made from items in my stash. Wood/clay/wool and lots of other bits and pieces. They have their own personalities each one unique.

                                                      Little Titch

Monday 5 December 2022

Highland hot water bottle cover.

Start of the winter season, although up here in Scotland we get it a bit earlier than most! Nice to cuddle upto a hot water bottle with knitted cover tho.

Sunday 9 October 2022

 A home made candle holder. The bottom is an old lamp base, wooden stick, plastic piping, the birdies are paper clay and the candle holders were made using egg carton. Then all of it was painted in did look ugly for a while and then turned into a swan!

I wrapped the candles with some black paper and hey presto, a quirky ornament.

Tuesday 22 February 2022

Neville the fisherman. Mixed media

 Neville, who is a mixed media piece, likes fishing. He has a full bucket of worms, which Sally Seagull has her eye on. She has already pinched one of the fish. Neville has caught enough for the families dinner, so it will be fish and chips tonight!

He is now on his long journey to Australia and has packed plenty of suncream as he's heard there is sun over there!

Monday 3 August 2020

It's Been well over a year....time for a post!

My daughter carved this fisherman out of one lump of wood for a friend. The metal thing he is holding is a container which he will insert a fishing rod into. When I saw the wood I couldn't even visualize how on earth it could be made into anything! He is about 5 foot tall. The 'tree' is a seperate piece. On his right side he has a 'fish' dangling from his pocket. 

Such a friendly face. With a wood burnt beard, jolly hat to keep off the rain/sun.

Then she carved this lovely owl, also out of one lump of wood, including the stand he is perched on. He has been burnt to bring out his feather and features. I love 

Tuesday 15 January 2019

Mixed media doll.

Still making my 'quirky' girlies. Here is a peek at one of them. She is going somewhere special for the day. (but I will leave that for another time) I would like a hat and scarf set just like that, and a robin would be a big bonus!

I made another of these loo roll books. This one is for my other sister her initials are embroidered onto a piece of linen (which is lovely to sew on) and then a piece of lace from my stash around it.

I also put little pull out tags into each of the inserts of the roll 
She was thrilled with it so that made me happy.

Archie has a new bed, made old boucle cardi that my daughter gave me but it was too big and not my style. It certainly fits Archie's style tho he thinks it very cosy!

Monday 10 December 2018

2 girls and 2 dogs

Following on from my last post, there are a couple more gals in the making. I do have fun making these little girlies and they all come out differently with their own personalities.

The first one is Molly who is walking her rescue greyhound Greg. As the weather is turning colder Greg has a super posh coat on to keep him warm. Molly is carrying a big bag of bones in her fancy bag.

Next up, here is Janet with her puppy dog Doris the dalmation. Janet is also wearing shiny red wellies and is carrying her umbrella so is prepared for future rain/snow!

Janet is wearing a bonkers hat which she made for herself with a matching scarf.  I wouldn't mind a set like that as well!  None of the girls go out without their red nail polish on. Doris has a nice red collar.

They often meet up and go on dog walks together. Greg and Doris are best friends and have a lovely time chasing each other.

My 3 dogs also have lots of mates around to chase and play together as well. Such a variety of different breeds, big and little and those inbetween!

Thursday 22 November 2018

Funky Lady

Hi folks. I made this lady for someone who wanted a doll that looked a bit like her....funky, bright and jazzy. So here she is

Bright and sunny dress and orange hat, her bag is full of scarves and her boots are so funky that I'd like a pair just like them! She is carrying an umbrella as you can never be sure of the weather here in Britain!

In other news I've been busy painting some owls for someones front garden.
Bet you've never seen an owl with a pink bow before!

 And a baby owl for my mantlepiece, who, due to the cold weather is wrapped up warm!

Bobby and Lucy are also getting prepared for winter with their new pyjamas with Archie wondering why he has to make do with last years ones.

                           Never mind Archie yours are in the post, so will be here soon.

Wednesday 24 October 2018

Sisters together Happy Families

The Quirky Girls are mixed media pieces. They have on their posh outfits for the day ahead, whether it's dog walking, going to the hairdresser or meeting up with friends.

2 of the girls are wrapped up cosy for taking their dogs for a walk in the Scottish weather. 
One of the ladies has 2 birds landing on her head and she is wondering where the tweeting is coming from! They have friendly competition as to who has the whackiest hat!

Linda has her shopping bag full of bones from the butcher and her dog Tillie is looking forward to having a munch on them!

Tuesday 21 August 2018

Sweet heart and posh dogs

A heart made from fabric and paper flowers fastened with a little button and mounted onto a piece of lace which is then glues onto a painted wooden block.
A red paper ribbon completes this simple but effective piece.

The back has typewritten I love you words on paper dyed to look old.

Placed on my dresser to show size. I think it looks rather sweet in amongst my eclectic collection.


                              Hiya, good looking. Archie posing in a new harness. He is one smart dog.

                                               Lucy looking very pretty in pink.

                                             Not to be outdone Bobby is one handsome guy in this
                                                          going out to somewhere posh harness!

Monday 21 May 2018

2 posh girls Lavinia and Sophia

These two girls were made from paper clay with paper hair. Lavinia is the brown eyed beauty who is looking a bit shy. She has a tiara and necklace to match her hair and sits on a wooden plinth.

Sophia her sister has a nice blue hairdo, also with a tiara and matching necklace. She has lovely blue eyes.

Two sisters together.

One day I will make a doll like this with a body attached.....eventually!

Meanwhile, in the doggy world. my eldest daughter has drawn the trio in coloured pencil, when they were puppies. Here they are grown up with their portraits. awww so cute.

Sunday 22 April 2018

Owls and pups

Here we are again. Not sure if my blog has any followers any more, but never mind.

Today I am posting photos of my daughters work. This is an owl and stand that she chainsawed from one piece of sycamore wood. How she looked at the stump of wood and saw an owl is beyond me!

She then painted and varnished him. He is very tactile and you want to stroke him. Those eyes are wonderful. We have a few owls around our area that perch on the fence posts. This one is off to a dear friend of jealous, of course I am!! haha

She also drew these portraits of the 'hooligans' when they were pups. Just so cute.

Thursday 1 February 2018

Frank the Fox head

I've finished Frank the Fox head. He was made from a piece of cotton sheeting that I had and hand painted then mounted onto a piece of pine wood.

                                              He has whiskers that twitch when you're not looking!

                                                      Beady eyes watching everything that's going on.


                     Frank is super handsome, just look at those ears!

           It's a bit ironic that he is hanging amongst the hares....haha

                    Lucy in her super smart knitted jumper. So cold here that she will get a lot of use from it.