Sunday, 10 May 2015

Cedric the Owl

I had this snazzy bin in the bedroom for about 8 years and it has now given up and has a huge rip and no longer fit for purpose. I do have a selection of tablecloths in my stash and wanted to use one. This is what I came up with a new cover, practical and pretty, win, win!

Was easier to do than I thought apart from the top bit which was a bit of a pain fixing, covered up the glue joins with a nice piece of fancy lace. Hopefully this will last as long as the other one did. (I have put a plastic bag in half way down)

While the sewing machine was out I also made this pretty, lacy heart. Which has a type written 'I love you' and 'The key to my heart' Simple but very effective.

           Twit Twooo.....  How about this lovely needle felted owlet. (I call him Cedric)  Made by my daughter and is now for sale. Please message me if interested.   He looks just the part and is ready to fly off.
               Here he is making friends with the two bookend owls. Just can't have too many owls in your life whatever shape or size!

Off on a walk and into the rush hour traffic! We did see a tractor in a field, but it didn't seem to be rushing off anywhere! See you next time.

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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Blue tits finally framed.

After humming and harring on what background to use for the 3 embroidered blue tits picture. I initially chose a painted blue background, but after leaving it for a day thought it was too bold/bright for the birdies.
As I had a piece of wallpaper which is a more neutral colour and lets the birds be the thing you see and not the background!
Here they are hanging next to our little dresser, which started life as a place to display our jugs, but now other bits and bobs have managed to squeeze in!

Still on a birdie theme.....we needed a couple of bookends and found a couple of rocks that were similar in size to make a matching pair of owlets.

                                                     Starting to see little faces appearing.

                                                            Both doing a very good job of holding the books upright.

They had a short flight outside and decided that if ever they are going to be outside birds this is going to be their new nest. But for now they think the warm and dry table is the best place to be!

Their mum came to see they had settled in well before flying off and making her home on top of the front wall.

Out for a walk in the middle of rush hour.....mind the traffic Archie!!

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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Yet more birdies

As I Still had my needle out after embroidering the birdies in my last post, I did some more embroidery, this time of  some cow parsley. I would like to get a collection of nature things together and put in a box frame.
Little robin is in there and think it needs a nest!

I made this cross stitch sampler for my daughter for her new home when she got married. More blue tits as you can see! Now it has served it's time and no longer needed in her home. So must put my thinking cap on and see how it can be re-cycled into something.

One the blue tit theme here is a little childs chair that my DH found on the tip. I thought that the embroidered pattern would transfer well into a painting for the back.

and here they are sitting on a branch full of spring flowers with a little nest underneath. (the chair is a green colour, the lightening makes it look as tho its two different colours)

I thought a little cushion would be nice for small bottoms to perch on. But not to sure of the colour, But it will have to stay for now, and  Scruffy 'Erbert thinks it's nice and comfortable haha

This little mouse/teddy has such a sweet face.
He is sporting a scarf and woolly jumper as the weather is a tad chilly at the moment. But a brisk walk in the woods with Archies wife and kid soon warms everyone up and then its home to bed.


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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Embroidered birdies

Hello again chummies, these last few weeks I've been doing some embroideries. Here is the finished robin that I showed half done last time.
All fluffed up against the cold! You can see how small he is. Worked on a piece of vintage tea towel as a practise piece.

.....and here is his little friend happily sitting on his branch. Appliqued flowers, one of which is a heart. You might recognise that these are Trish Burr's bird designs and I have tweeked them with longer branches to fit in the appliqued flowers.

Also worked with one thread of dmc floss onto a vintage table mat. So sweet.

This little birdie has some eggs to hatch and she's pretty happy about that! Does this mean spring is here I do hope so! She has chosen a pretty branch with flowers to make her nest in.

Last but no means least is a sweet little blue tit. All fluffy and cute. This was also a practise piece worked onto a vintage towel with added flowers.

In a little frame, which I have since broken and had to glue back together, then the back holders snapped off! Still if no one touches it, it's quite safe!! I am repeating the design on another little table mat. He is just too cute for words! This needle painting is very theraputic and also rather addictive I have to say. Might never be as good as Trish but I will enjoy the journey for sure.

For those that like me posting the doggie pictures. Here is there latest escapade. Riding on a tractor getting some practise in for the plowing the field competition. Nicky driving, Logan looking out for bumps and barking directions and Archie directing from behind. (back seat driver!)

This group is for hire for planting spuds/carrots/wheat. haha

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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Felty pictures

My daughter felted this little robin for me on some wool fabric and then I added some needlework.
Now what shall it be, a nice big brooch for a scarf?

Nope, found a box frame upstairs that just fitted and with an added label which says European robin in Latin (I did alter the label slightly after I took the photo) it makes a nice little picture.

Everybody squash up, and make room for little Robin Redbreast on the mantelpiece, which is getting rather crowded!  We have a nest in the honeysuckle in our back garden which comes to life in spring time with a family of robins, so sweet. There is also a robin that lives out the front somewhere, but never the twain shall meet, cos although they are so cute looking, boy do they hammer each other given the chance!

Now how cute is this, just too cute for words!! Eldest daughter, who needle felted the German Shepherd in my last blog, made this for her sister. Yes, needle felting again. How clever of her. Her facebook page is Amanda.C art, she has also done a pug portrait, which is on her page. Commissions welcome.

Here is a peek at some needlework I have been stitching, more about that next time.

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Saturday, 21 February 2015

German Shepherd and sockies.

 I wonder if you can guess what this German Shepherd is made of? I'll tell you! It's a dry needlefelted 'painting' made by my eldest daughter. This is her first try in this medium as usually she works with paints. But after seeing my wool stash and some photos on the net she wanted to have a go. We were amazed at how well she has done this picture. It looks like a painting! Needless to say that my wool felting stash has somewhat depleted as she has squirreled them off to her house along with the needles to go with it.
 In a temporary frame on my mantlepiece. She will be doing commissions if anyone is interested in having a doggy/cat/pet portrait.

This is one of my makes of the week. Two little sockies, can't help making them occasionally! Cute little monkey socks and a cheerful flower pattern. Best of mates as you can see! (not ce marked, so not for kiddies) We have needed our hats and scarfs this week as it has been a tad chilly.

                                                   The cheeky triplets made from some scraps of baby socks.
Getting cosy in the furry blanket.

Does my bum look big with this heart on! haha.

That's all for this week folks, see you soon. x

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Sunday, 8 February 2015

2 Gorgeous presents.

Who doesn't just love home crafted items......I do a LOT.

I received two gorgeous presents last week. The first one is hand painted in watercoloursby my eldest daughter and is pretty large. 4 doggie friends together. They all get along fabulously and as they all live nearby they have lots of meet ups for runs and fun.
The lighting was a bit dull at the time and had a bit of a blue cast over this photo.

We changed the frame to this wooden one which fitted better than the white one. I might paint this one white at a later date. Now it's up over the mantel, although we put it up a little higher in the end tho so it cleared the ornaments a bit better.

You might wonder who these doggies are. So from left to right is Logan (son of Archie and Nikki) Jazz the cocker spaniel (Uncle Jazz to Logan!) he lives with daughter. Our Archie and Nikki is laying down (Logan/Nikki live together with another daughter.

The doggies were painted from 4 different photos by eldest daughter and I absolutely LOVE it.

Next from Nikki's owner is this fab cushion. (daughter no2)  A caricature of Archie.

That wording is so right!! haha. I did wonder why daughter No2 was taking particular interest in my stash pile and whisking them away, but I was duped into thinking she was still working on a pressie for her friend. (which she was)

Archie is a bit peeved about not being allowed to sit on them tho as he thinks cos they got his picture on that it was made for him. No chance Archie!!

As I wasn't using my felting equipment at the time I casually let my eldest  'borrow' them to see whether she could felt a 'painting' what she came up with is simply amazing but you will have to wait till next time to see the results......sorry!

At this rate my large amount of stash will be de-stashed, maybe I will hang my crafty hands up and retire......or maybe not!

Hope you like and they are both taking orders, you can email me with enquiries.

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

still more little houses.

Hello again chums. Once again it's all about the houses! This small sampler is hand embroidered onto cotton with sweet little colourful houses. The top two houses has even some chickens in the garden! The sun is peeking out over the rooftops. The sun might come out on even the gloomiest of days.

In a nice box frame which finishes it off nicely I think.

                                           And now on my mantelpiece next to the blue house.

The other little house scene is a 'quirky' harbour lights, taken from a song of the same same name. The words along the bottom are from the song, which first came out in the 1930,s I believe.
I have since corrected the spelling mistake! The song is about a chap that went away to sea and left his sweetheart on the shore. I do hope he came back to her!

My daughter is doing a painting of all our family dogs together (of which there are 4) It will be going in pride of place of the mantelpiece so I hope to show it to you all next time, along with something that isn't a house that I've been making, so watch this space!! lol

We are all longing for spring and warmer weather, including Archie. He can't wait to get his shades back on and do some sunbathing!

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