Sunday, 21 September 2014

Chunky cardi, buttons and brooch

Hello Folks. In view of the winter fast approaching the knitting needles have been out.  This is my  favourite pattern which is knitted in aran yarn in stocking stitch with some cabling, so very quick. In fact it was finished long before anticipated!
Trying to get a good colour likeness was next to impossible. In reality it is a darker mauve with flecks running through. After the cardi was nearly finished I realised that I hadn't made the inset pockets....maybe thats why it was up and running so quickly! lol

The pattern uses one button at the top, but I thought I would have a go with these self cover buttons and see what happens as I've never used them before.

Using French knots in a light and darker mauve these little flowers look a bit like Buddleias I thought.

A nice bright brooch finishes off the outfit.  (another photo that didn't capture the colours well) This was made from a piece of plaid wool with fabric flowers and vase, finished off with some random felt spots and the blanket stitched onto a mauve felt back.
It's already been out for an airing and it is nice and cosy. I do wonder why aran yarn has to be put into such huuuge balls tho (or perhaps I don't need to wonder!) In the old days they were sold in 50g lots, then went up to 100g and now a whopping 600g. What was needed was a 600g ball and perhaps another 100g. So I now have lots of wool leftover......wooly hat/scarf anyone!!

Here is someone who knows just what to do with an interesting looking item!
You can see what the colour is, yes, part of my jumper! Little Logan thought it was absolutely great fun. My fault as I forgot that the knitting bag was left on the floor when he was visiting. Forgot what it was like with toddlers, move everything up high! haha

Dad (Archie) was supposed to be baby sitting, but he was to busy ordering doggy biccys on the internet!

Logan just knows just how darn cute he is....and uses it to the full advantage!
Byee till next time.

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Nikki, a portrait of a dog

Hello chums, this week I've finally finished the 'quirky' portrait that I was making of daughter's little doggie Nikki. It's only taken about 9 months to make!
                                       Getting started....not sure about the background.

                                         A bit of stitching makes all the difference

                                A definate likeness to the real Nikki!

As you can see the background has changed completely. It is a small patchwork piece which is slightly padded and also made Nikki a bit plumper with a bit of stuffing as she was looking a bit 'flat'. The body is made from an old cardigan.

She has all her favourite 'photos' surrounding her. Her twin puppies, her favourite person in the whole wide world (my dd) Tigger the cat (who doesn't like Nikki!) a plate of bones and of course.....our dear Archie.

Above our fireplace. Hmmm... best not get to comfortable there, cos it's going to my daughters and hopefully it will make her smile when she looks at it, as it did me whilst I was making it.

Not to leave Archie out here, he is with a big bowl of grapes that were growing in our polytunnel, now in the process of being m
They look yummy but not for eating raw sadly as they are small,pippy and a wee bit tart. Last year we had about 3 bunches which were added to some jam and that was rather delicious. Not bad for a 99p grape vine eh!

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Giggle of Girls Gang.

Welcome from a bright and sunny Sunday up here in Scotland. The first for many a day as we have had very heavy showers and lots of them. So made the most of it and did a bit of garden clearing and now having a rest with a cuppa.

 Here is yet another of the little girlies to join the rest of the gang. With her sweet pink outfit that has embroidered bead hemline. She has a fine bunch of flowers just picked from the garden, which accounts for the wind swept hair! (just like mine)

This little lady has amazing  blue tint hair and had her kitty cat to keep her company. Do you like her blue heels and spotty stockings?

Last little girlie and she is clutching her spaniel Jazz. I do like her fancy hat and wouldn't mind one for myself for winter!

Here they are all together sitting on a shelf and showing off their stripey/spotty tights and fancy clothes! This is a no boys allowed's only!!

Little Lucy has gone to live in her forever home now. Whilst we were very sorry to see her go we know that she will be loved and cherished in her new home and with another little doggie to play with, rabbits and children she is going to be one very happy puppy. So here is a photo of her last night with us. Dear sweet Lucy.

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Saturday, 9 August 2014

My wee cottage.

This week I bring you
my little cottage, in front of....... my little cottage! (This piece is modelled on my wee hoose)
I don't unfortunately have lollipop trees, but I do have a red door, seat and windowsills....oh and a red quilt! haha Need to get me some stripey red and white socks/tights tho.

You may recognise the lump of black and red wood, yup it's part of the piece that I rescued from the wood pile. (still got two more bits of that, maybe future projects, will sneak into the shed when Head Honcho is otherwise engaged to see what interesting bits that could be used)!
It joins on nicely with the 'little blue house' that I showed you recently. Lots of lollipop trees are growing. Can you see Little Lucy Locket sunbathing in the background?

If you can peek through the door you can see a dresser full of china and the umbrella all ready for action. (actually it's usually too windy up here to use one lol)

I will show the 'giggle' of girls, that are more or less finished, next time. Just need to add things or tweek the hair a bit.

Here are the twins, growing fast but still as cute as ever.
Upto date family photo. Logan looks like his mum, Nikki the chow. Little Lucy looks like her daddy, Archie. (I hasten to add that only Archie and Lucy live with me!) Potty training is good some days, disaster the next, ah well. The pups have had the last lot of vacs, so watch out Scottyland they are coming. haha

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

A 'giggle' of girls!

Another dolly to join the gang. This one has pink and red streaks in her hair, would that I could be brave enough to do that!
I love her spotty tights and red high heels. She is clutching her two pooches, which are half hidden by her furry scarf.

Here is the 'giggle' of girls so far. All sitting comfortably and having a good ole gossip, swapping recipes and how to train your pets!
Two more to go. Think I need a bigger dresser but unfortunately no space!

I saw some nice socks in a shop and had to get them to turn them into......sock monkeys!! haha
Little cutie covered in hedgehogs. He has his hat and jumper already for winter!

This one is cuddling up to his little baby sister....aww sweet.

Friends Forever.

  These two are for sale if interested just email me. (not for children tho)

Archie has some of his mates around. Good way to socialize the puppies. They all get on so well together. Lots of treats were involved in getting them to pose for this photo!

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Little Hippychic girlie

Hello again chummies. The make for this week is a Hippychic dolly, as you can see she has a lap full of pets. Nikki the doggie and Tiger and Smokey the kitty cats.
Do you like her stripey tights and red shoes. They match her tartan skirt. She has a posh necklace and matching bracelet which jingle when she walks.

Hasn't she got a sweet smile and bonny rosy cheeks. I don't think she can squish any more cats and dogs onto her lap but I bet she will have a jolly good try!
Silly me, I made one foot a tad bigger than the other and didn't notice till all sewn up and painted!! Still she doesn't mind, so I don't either :0D

I'm in the process of making a little group of girlies which is progressing slowly, they are in various stages of dress. Is a group of girls called a 'giggle of girlies'? I think so!

These are there legs. Spotty tights and high heels, must get me some!

Wee Logan is chewing what he thought was a yummy pink marshmallow!

.....and hitching a ride in the apron

I can't believe the puppies are 6 weeks old this week. They are such characters and wont stay in their box, but like to follow you about.

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Wooden House

Hello chums. This week instead of making fabric houses I made a wooden house! Having a trot around there are some great driftwood houses....well mine is made from scavanged bits from the wood shed that Head Honcho has lovingly cut up for the fire.

Here it is sitting on top of a piece of heavy gate post. HH said the trees look like lollipops so it's now named Lollipop Lane! The rusty 'chimneys' are a couple of rusty nails garnered when cleaning out the fire.  The trousers and towels are blowing in the breeze and the sailing boat is already for a trip around the bay.

I am working on some new dolls at the moment so will put photos up next time.

Now for doggie overload......those of puppy nervousness turn away now!
Here is Archie talking to Jazz (his best mate) on the wonders of being a father. Jazz has no idea what he is talking about but wants to support his chum. (daughters dog.

                   Family Portrait.

                                                          Handsome Logan now 4 weeks.

                                          Little Lucy Locket. She looks like a mini Doberman!

                               Me and my girl. Lucy has her daddies looks when he was a pup.
I think the puppies are going to get tongue rash with all the licking Nikki does and now Archie has joined in haha. Got a lot more photos of the cute family but I could see some of you were nodding off (just kidding!)

This is my cactus which has flowered for the first time in about 10 years.
The original mum has been buried by the children! They are a vivid orange, my kind of colour!

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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Happy House Sampler.

This last couple of weeks I've mostly been hand embroidering a 'quirky 'house' sampler for a lady who has just moved into her new cottage.

                                                         A closer look.
                                                    Lots of fresh eggs with the cheerful chickens!

                                                       A windy day.            The veg plot is doing well.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Always rains when you put the washing out. lol                                                                                                                                                                                             
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Happy Houses  and apple trees.                                                                                      

Sunny everyday in my world! Hope you like it.

In other news, Archie is the proud father of twins, a little girl called Little Lucy Locket (who at the mo looks just like her dad) and a little boy who is Logan (but hopefully that name will be changed as I think it's more suited to a bigger dog!) and he seems to be taken after his mum Nikki. They opened their eyes for the first time today.

Proud parents.
Little Boy

Little Girl

                         Lucy is quite a fat little dumpling, once she's up and running she will be a mean, lean running machine like her dad!

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