Sunday, 17 October 2010


I just love applique, while browsing bloggers world I have come across some amazing applique quilts....that would be my ultimate goal to do one of those. (well I can dream). So in the meantime I have started this small piece which will be turned into a cushion. It's a funny sort of  fabric as it can be painted on as well as anything else, its very strong but I can't remember the name of it think it beings with M and it comes in different weights. Daughters and myself went to a class and had a lesson on painting on this fabric which was great fun and we come out with some great peices of messy artwork! Will take a photo and put on here some time.

 Not all of it has been stitched down and it's nowhere near finished I was thinking of free machine quilting it. Give me a bit of practise for the BIG one!
Which brings me onto that.....went into the shop to get some wadding (not fancy stuff just 2oz polyester which the purist amongst you will do a big intake of breath....sorry) and they only had 3 metres when I need 4 and half so boo to them. They wont be having a delivery for at least a couple of weeks so double boo. Will go to the craft shop in the other town and hopefully they will have some in or at least get a quicker delivery.


  1. Looks like great fun and so pretty .... Dunelm do a good range of waddings if you have a store near you. Applique is on my list of things to try .... one day!

  2. That looks really pretty. Applique is fun isn't it.

  3. Hi
    What a cute and fun applique piece.
    thanks for visiting my blog recently.
    You are set up as "non-reply" blogger so I can't send you an email to thank you for leaving your nice comments.

  4. so pretty, and I love the patchwork in your previous post too.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  5. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.
    Your applique is pretty, I do a little now and again, but it's not my strongpoint.

  6. Ooooohhh! Lovely applique there, love the simplicity and fabrics of the design, very effective. That must be so frustrating not being able to get your essential kit for quilting, hope you do get hold of it soon. Love Vanessa xx