Thursday, 30 December 2010

Hello everyone!
Yay, snow has nearly all gone and I don't want to see anymore this winter!! We kept up a constant battle with clearing the drive/walkway (I say we, of course mean hubs) but sometimes it was a losing battle and we forgot what colour the car was!

Anyway was rooting through my photobucket pictures and come across this little embroidery which are still hanging off the bed posts  (they have been there that long that we dont 'see' them anymore) and they are getting a bit shabb.
I can't remember the book that the design was in, it was from the library. It was done in long stitch on a piece of shiny green material. The back has a load of french knots, which a lot of people don't like doing but I don't mind.

 These were just stuffed with a bit of wadding, but wouldn't it be nice to have lavender in it and hang in the wardrobe or put in a drawer?


  1. They are very pretty! Isn't is funny how we don't 'see' things when they've been there a while. I chickened out of doing the French Knots on the x-stitch bookmark I made for my friend for Christmas. I don't think it looked any worse for not having them and if I'd messed up I might have spoiled it!

  2. These are wonderful and the colours are perfect. I agree they'd make perfect lavender bags.

  3. They are really pretty, I have loads of dried lavender if you would like me to send you some......Tx