Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Fat Cat

You may remember the fat ginger cat that I had started to cross stitch a little while ago. The design is by Margaret Sherry, I think she does such cute little animals (although a lot of fractional stitches which I tend to leave out!) Here he is with his pot of tea and nice cup cake to keep him going. The design has 4 smaller cats as well which I will be stitching to go with him, all with a baking theme.

I would like to frame it with Ginger in the middle and the other 4 surrounding him. What I found very helpful is a marker pen which disappears when immersed in water. So marking in blocks of 10 helps to pick up mistakes really quickly (of which I make a lot of!)


  1. I've met cats that look as if they do this when you're not looking! It's a great design and will look gorgeous with the other four cats around him.

  2. That looks great, part of me wishes I was still interested in doing cross stitch but these days my embroidery machine takes over! Sad in a way as it is like the end of an era...another craft that may be replaced my machines one day!!