Tuesday, 28 December 2010

twit- twoo

The 1980's seem to me to have just gone, but of course its 30 years ago. Where have the years gone? This owl is one of the few long stitch embroideries that I did in that period. It is made from wool on a canvas type of cotton background. It was a picture for many. many years but when we downsized we couldn't find a place that suited him in our cottage. So what to do with it? Put it in the loft to gather decided to make it into a cushion! The back of which was a discarded scarf which fitted the colour scheme perfectly (see, never throw anything away!!) So, a new lease of life for Oswald the Owl, and a comfy cushion for, win!!

Just noticed that he looks a little cross, well he would do with me sitting on top of him :0D

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