Friday, 3 December 2010

 As we have such a lot of snow these last few day here is a painting to put us in the mood for walks in the snow! (although have to say I'm fed up with it now)
This is a wintery scene that was painted the last winter....I wanted to see how snow was painted so got a book from a library and had a go with the author's instructions (added a couple of people and dog)

and did a family one as well. Not too keen on the tree but was interesting to see how the snow took shape with the shadows.
Hope you're all keeping warm in your part of the country.


  1. Great watercolour,I used to paint watercolours ,but have arthritis in the hands now,I loved doing sea scapes,the sea holds a great passion from me,tell me why?
    well done on your technique.

  2. They're both gorgeous! Well done.

  3. Truely Beautiful ! x

  4. They are exceptionally good. I really love the family one. x

  5. Wow, you are really clever, what fabulous paintings!

  6. I love your snowy pictures. You should do more.

  7. These are lovely! You did a great job painting the snow - I'd have thought you'd have been doing it for years. Love the shadows in the first one. I'm a sucker for well-painted shadows (and water) in paintings :-)
    Teresa x

  8. Sorry - I am only just catching up on my blogs now! I have a months worth to catch up on!!!

    Any chance the family painting is for sale???