Monday, 6 December 2010

Teabag Tissue Paper

For those that have asked what is teabag paper, it's the same tissue paper that teabags are made of. So quite strong and you can paint on it, embroider it, applique it, stick things to it etc. It has minute dimples so adding to the texture. The little picture shown has the paper folded 4 times to make it stronger.  I also thought it had a look of material when embellished, so you can do your own design and people won't know that its paper! You can also use bondaweb to make a stronger stiffer paper, but I didn't find that necessary.

Just had another thought ,it can also be used for making the inner's of lavender bags or other smellies. Make up the paper and then pop it into a pretty outer bag to hang in the wardrobe or drawers. Also how about making up your own mix of tea, then sew up some the paper into teabag size and viola you have your own special blend of tea, Earl Grey and strawberry anyone!

Away now to have a go at a bigger picture.
 As there is yet more snow coming down I can see that we will be stuck inside for quite sometime....good thing I have a plentiful supply of craft items......never mind the food!!!

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