Tuesday, 31 May 2011

archaeological dig

When hubs was digging the holes (12 of them) which were each 3 feet deep, we felt that we would find some evidence of an old Scottish settlement like they do in  Time Team. A gold ring would have been nice or a nice bit of tile, maybe a brooch to keep the kilt up, but what was found was plenty bits of old iron, metal bits from an oven, broken chards, boulders, stones.
However, there was a bit of treasure....3 old bottles and a glass top.

 They were filled with dirt but they have a residue of it stuck around the side which I can't get off. Will have to google and see what can be done to make them pristine. (would still have liked a gold ring tho!!)


  1. We found lots of similar items when renovating our house nearly 20 years ago. We cleaned them up too and with the clay drink bottles we found have them as ornaments around the house and garden.
    Teresa x

  2. That small bottle is almost identical to one I found last weekend whilst digging for the raised beds (sounds a bit of an oxymoron, but we had to dig trees out first...) x

  3. Now that's real treasure. Gorgeous. Who needs gold when you have pretty vintage bottles?!
    Madison xxx

  4. These are beautiful bottles! Don't forget finding gold rings can be fraught with troubles (have you read Lord of the Rings?!!!)