Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Nowt to show!

I have been beavering away at hand quilting so havn't been doing anything else just yet as I really want to get it finished. I think my stitches are getting bigger and bigger haha. Somebody said that it used to be 11 stitches to the inch (if my memory serves me correct) in some squares I managed a 10, but, in reality I think it was mostly in between 6-8.  But I darn't count cos I am not undoing it!!


  1. It only has to be attached - big stitch quilting is good. I'm off to Malvern on Friday for Quilts UK.

  2. The 11-12 was what the Amish quilters achieve! I think the rest of the world only manage 6-8!

    I just did a "quilting on the go" course and I am very tempted to have a go at hand quilting now (after declaring that "I dont do hand sewing" lol

  3. At least you're gettin' summat done, lol!