Wednesday, 4 May 2011


I've made some more little boat pictures/cards from tissue bag paper. Nice and bright and cheery.

Another one has a background of fabric that I painted last year and I added a stitched heart which also can be used as a card and then hung as a little picture.

And I thought I would put in messy cat in his picture frame (tried to photgraph it so there wasnt too much reflection which didnt work, but it gives a visual as to how he is mounted) the red mount is just card from a kiddies drawing book but as it's quite stiff thought it looked OK.


  1. Love those boat cards - you are so talented

  2. These look like something you'd find in those posh li'l gift bright and cheery...luv 'em! And Messy Cat looks very comfy in his new home....ppuuuurrrr, lol

  3. Your blog is like going to one of those wonderful gift shops where you just want to buy everything!