Tuesday, 10 May 2011

As I was at a bit of a loose end yesterday with running out of bibs and bobs, I made this little label to go on the back of the 'quilt'. Both hubs and daughter said all that work and putting it on the back.....but I said 'I will know it's there' and they said 'put it on the front at the bottom'. Personally I don't think that it will look OK on the front, but will see once finished. The patch measures approx 3"xnearly5". The writing is just backstitch with a french knot on the ends.
 Now the quilting thread has been purchased I will be doing that for now (unless something different catches my eye!!!)
Couldn't get a fabric pen in either craft shop, so will have to get it from Ebay and then I can start marking out the grids for the x stitch.


  1. Your husband and daughter are right.You should definitely put it on the front of the quilt.Its really cute.I'm sure people would want to see that too.

  2. Really love this little label, very cute indeed!

  3. It's the most beautiful label in the world but I agree with you - it should go on the back. One of the great things about a beautifully designed thing is that it tends to have been beautifully designed all over!

  4. Really cute!I'm quite into 'quirky houses' at the moment!