Monday, 30 May 2011

oh deary me.

The camera dried out nicely after being dropped into water and it actually took a picture BUT when I went to take some more it died on me :0(  So no upto date photos for a little while which is a shame.(unless hubs can have a fiddle with it and see if it's repairable)

I have finished the little house bookmark (picture of the start a couple of blogs down) which looks quite nice and have started on a cushion cover for me bed. It has a white background with red hand stitching of hearts. Hope it matches the quilt OK.

I will leave you with this photo

The start of the polytunnel. It has come on somewhat since this picture was taken. Digging the holes for the poles was tough, the ground is filled with large stones and boulders, so they all had to be removed whilst trying to dig......took absolutely ages. Then all the holes had to be measured and re-measured to make sure they wern't squint otherwise the poles would have not squared up properly. I am still optomistic that we will get it finished before the end of the summer!!!! My coldframe is starting to look like a little jungle with all the things growing in there!

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  1. Oh no! I really sympathise on the camera front. I was without mine for two days and was bereft! Good luck with the polytunnel.