Saturday, 4 June 2011

book mark

Thank goodness it looks like my camera has dried out and is taking pictures once more. (hope it lasts)
Although not much crafty work going on at this little cottage....because at last we have sun, yep indeedy. Monday it was a very dismal 8c. Friday was the hottest at 28c! (also no wind or breezes)  3 days so far with sun and no wind, rain, overcast skies and so the best place to be is out in the garden, weeding, sowing, planting and planning.
But here is the book mark I was making, although it hasn't quite turned out how I expected, it better than tearing little bits of paper off for a marker (or horror of horror turning the top of page over!!)


  1. ooh it's lovely P. You think of some lovely ideas

  2. I think its lovely! Really really lovely :)