Friday, 13 May 2011

Things that go wrong!

These are quite trivel really but annoying anyway, especially as they all happened on the one day.
1) Bought another transfer pen and moments after ordering, found the one I thought I'd lost. (because it looks like a felt tip I thought it was one of my g'daughters pens and didn't check)

2) Cut my fingers chopping an onion. Plastered up, carried on doing what I was doing. After a few hours plaster dropped off. It looked OK so was changing bed sheets and yep you guessed ending up dropping blood over it, so had to take it all off again and put back into the wash.

3) Made 5 cards. (or tried too). Only one came out fine. Was aware that glue can get everywhere and even tho I was careful, as I'd got glue drops on my cards before. So yep you guessed glue blobs on 4 of them. So after mentally telling meself off I did a bit of damage control. But had to throw away the cards as the glue wouldn't come off.

Here are the culprits. Glue on the outside and the insides. (photo couldnt pick that up)

The one that escaped my sloppiness! It's is going to be an anniversary card for one of the family.

4) DO NOT...DO what I just did. Stoking up the wood burner (yes its a bit chilly up here) I put the 'quilt' beside me whilst kneeling down putting wood in and are very good guessers!......a number of large cinders dropped out and only missed my quilt by a fraction. Worse senario could have been burnt, or, a very large black mark could have imprinted itself on it and no amount of damage control would have rescued it.

But the good news is that I've got one of my pictures back from the framers and here it is;

Tis brighter in real life.
A programme on tv this week I really enjoyed was 'Show me the Monet'. About people bringing in their works of art and going before a hanging committee to see if it's good enough to go into The Royal College of Art. That must have been nerve wracking. Some pieces I couldn't understand at all but that's art!!

p.s. just to add to the moans (cos I can!)
5) DO NOT eat jam filled cake while said 'quilt' is on lap.  Couldn't understand why the needle and my fingers had gone all sticky. Turned it over and there was a blob of jam underneath hmmm where did that come from. Being an old(ish) person I had dropped jam down me cardi which then had transferred itself to 'quilt'. Methinks I'd better get a bib!!

AND why do they say plasters are waterproof? Yes,  they're made of some plastic material but the stitcky bit that sticks to the skin is not. So when said injured fingers get immersed in water they drop off and as I was washing my hair at the time, yep they ended up down the sinkhole. Then the wounds got caught in hair and caused them to re-open. Twas painful but didn't notice any blood until saw the towel.

Now why can't blood be another colour other than red. I love red but when it's accompanied by blood that's when I could keel over. If it was blue or green I don't think it would have the same effect. :0D
My MIL would say gah....I say bah humbug!


  1. oh it looks stunning P, love the colour of the mount too

  2. Typical Friday 13th!! But your picture looks gorgeous all framed up x

  3. Gorgeous work, I love your framed picture, it's stunning x

  4. You might like to try using a 'dry glue' next time (As in glue dots or double sided tape). They should help not getting the messy gloopy bits. The framed picture looks stunning, great.

    Ouch on the finger! Waterproof plasters should mean waterproof!

    Hope your weekend is better.

  5. Gosh what a day for you - at least you've retained a sense of humour about it all. Well your cards look lovely - even the 'mistakes' and your framed picture is stunning! x

  6. What a day! I've not eaten jam while crafting but I have eaten chocolate while reading and realised that tiny flakes of it have dropped onto my clothing and melted! I'm a pretty old lady but sadly not old enough to be able to get away with it! By the way I'm a Stampin' Up demo and we sell an adhesive remover for £3.25 that works on dried-on wet glue (but not on tape). I use it on my scrapbooking mistakes and it really works! Vx